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To catch a jin 

A family has been renting an apartment for four months when the tenant’s wife started falling sick. She had not been sleeping well since she saw black shadows moving about their home. Their two teenaged children had also seen the black shadows.

Their landlady, Angel, summoned a Malay colleague who brought an imam to help. They met at the apartment at 6.30pm as the family had told him the evil spirit would usually appear after sunset at about 7pm.

At the appointed day, Angel reached the apartment at 6.20pm. Her colleague and the imam arrived 10 minutes later.

However, the imam had forgotten to bring items for the cleansing ritual. Angel volunteered to walk downstairs to the sundry shop to buy salt, rice and mung beans to scatter around the house.

“The imam told me to be careful as the evil spirit would follow me and attack me to prevent me from returning to the apartment,” she says.

True enough, Angel was attacked. “As I was walking up to the second floor, I felt a brute force brush past my shoulder. I fell,” she says.

She suspected it was the jin who had pushed her. She shouted at the evil spirit, “Hey jin. I’m not scared. I’m coming up.” Somehow Angel mustered all her strength to run up to the fourth floor apartment. It was five minutes to 7pm.

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The imam placed an empty fizzy drink bottle at a corner of a room next to the bathroom.

The imam, Angel’s colleague and the tenants made a small circle while Angel stood nearby.

At 7.08pm, the imam shouted, “We’ve got it.” Angel asked, “Where is it?”

Her colleague later removed the bottle from the room. Strangely, he was carrying it with great difficulty as if it was extremely heavy. He then set it down on the floor.

The imam kept on chanting after which he placed the cap on the bottle. Next, he ordered the lights to be switched off. He then shone a light on the bottle.

“I could see electric flashes in the bottle. It was as if the jin was trying to escape,” she says.

The lights were then switched back on. The imam kept on chanting. The imam then told us that disposing the bottle with the jinn inside was not a good idea as someone could accidentally release it. He suggested disposing it at sea.

Angel gave an angpow to the imam for the cleansing ritual and made an additional payment to get someone else to dispose the jinn in the bottle.

Two months later, the tenant again complained of disturbances at night in the apartment.

Angel called the imam who insisted that the evil spirit is not connected to the apartment.

“This spirit is one that has been following the tenants,” he told Angel who then asked the family to move away.

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Ghost + Selfie = Ghofie?

When Anita was a college student in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, she liked to develop her photographs to send to her family in Sabah.

Her friend Kenny would process the photos. But one photo frightened Anita so much she fainted immediately.

“The photograph showed an entity of a little girl next to her. It had greyish complexion. The child was grinning for the camera. Shocked by what she saw, the student fell ill for two weeks,” Kenny recalls.

Apparently, a child had died in Anita’s room.

“Strangely, when I was processing the photos, I did not notice anything suspicious – both in the digital image on the computer and the processed photograph. Anita also did not see anything amiss in her phone after snapping the photograph,” Kenny says.

“But after the incident, I checked my computer and found the photo with the entity in it,” he says.

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