Some celebrities know how to dish the dirt, but when the tables are turned, can they stand the heat? To find out, we took our cameras into their homes to see what secrets they’re hiding… in their kitchen! Pantry Raid is a new web series from and that investigates the mysteries lurking in the back of their fridges, unearths skeletons from the dark corners of their cupboards, and discovers what dirty dishes they’ve left soaking in their sink.

Chef Isadora Chai of French restaurant Bistro à Table

In this episode, we dive into the house of Chef Isadora Chai, owner of posh French restaurant Bistro à Table in Petaling Jaya’s Section 17 – and soon-to-be cookbook author – to find out if she keeps her kitchen clean enough to eat off the floor. Isadora professes to be a neat freak at work and even walks barefoot in her restaurant kitchen because the floor is so clean! But is her home kitchen just as spotless? How many bags of Japanese cheese biscuits is she hoarding? And why is she storing her belacan with her wine collection? Bistro à Table opened in 2011 and has been recognised by the prestigious Miele Guide as one of the best restaurants in Malaysia. For more on Isadora’s themed degustation menus, go to

TV personalities Ben Ibrahim & Sophia Zulkifli

For this episode, we brought our cameras into the home of TV host and newspaper columnist Ben Ibrahim and his wife, TV personality Sophia Zulkifli, to find out who’s master of the house and who’s the master in the kitchen. Plus, what and where is that guilty pleasure she’s been hiding from her husband?

Cake boss Nigel Skelchy of dessert empire Just Heavenly

For our very first episode, we sent our cameras into the home of bakers Nigel Skelchy and Allan Yap, the founders of cake boutique Just Heavenly. Their cupcakes are a particular treat! Just Heavenly was established in 2001 after home-bakers Nigel and Allan decided to move their wedding and novelty cake-making hobby out of their kitchen and into the professional business realm. Both are now decorated dessert designers who are in high demand for their customised cakes. But now that they’ve got their kitchen back for themselves, we want to know: What are those Tupperware containers of leftovers in the freezer? For more on Just Heavenly, visit their website or their social media page at