Malaysia has long prided itself as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country. But how well do we know where we’ve come from?

To answer that question, Star2 has started a web series called “The Ethnicity Tag” for website. In this programme, Malaysians with diverse roots and extended family trees answer seven questions about their ancestral history and inherited characteristics. The series also celebrates their lineage, cultures and traditions, all of which has shaped their uniquely Malaysian identity.

In Episode #1, Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 Vanessa Tevi Kumares – the 23-year-old girl from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan done good – traces her family roots back to India and Indonesia, and reveals some family traits and secrets, including how her Tamil father met her Hokkien mother.

In Episode #2, actress, director, producer, designer, women’s aid volunteer and animal rights supporter Susan Lankester reveals what she’s inherited from her grandparents who came from China, Scotland and England, including a love for pudding and Chinese opera.

In Episode #3, actor, director and entertainer Edwin Sumun – also known for his drag alter ego Shelah!!! – takes us back to his Minangkabau grandparents’ arrival from Sumatra, and how his other great-grandparents added to his English-Irish-Japanese-Chinese roots.

Coming soon in episodes #4 and #5, actor-director Gavin Yap and Sharyn Shufiyan, the great-granddaughter of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, will also tackle our ‘Ethnicity Tag’ questions.

Watch the first three episodes here, share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to bookmark the page.