Shaheizy Sam and Syatilla Melvin’s wedding announcement recently seems to have come all of a sudden. But we learn it’s actually a love story that blossomed from a friendship beginning six years ago.

Beyond the glitz and glam of what manyare dubbing “wedding of the year” (what with its RM25mil in sponsorship), let’s get to know the happy couple and their relationship.

Of course, many are already familiar with the 34-year-old movie star Shaheizy, who’s known for his comedic performances in the Adnan Sempit film series and most recently, as the hunky action hero on the country’s no. 1 movie of all-time Polis Evo.

Syatilla, 24, got her start in showbusiness competing as one of the finalists in the beauty pageant Dewi Remaja 2010.

Although Syatilla didn’t win the title, the Perak-native has been gradually building her acting portfolio since then, even landing a supporting role on the popular TV3 drama Ariana Rose.

Syatilla currently stars in a leading role on the Astro Ria drama, Sha Dan Shah, acting opposite Kamal Adli.

Speaking of dramas, the couple’s relationship is not unlike many of those TV dramas actually.

Syatilla shares at the press conference announcing their nuptials: “He (Shaheizy) once told me, ‘If we made a drama on both of us, it will surely become a hit. There has been so many moments we’ve gone through together.’”

While Syatilla didn’t go into details, she says their relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Will we still be seeing Syatilla on the small screen after she gets hitched? Shaheizy says he isn’t stopping her from pursuing her acting dreams.

“There’s no problem at all (if she wants to act). It’s just that, if possible, I don’t want her to have to work. In fact, I don’t want the people around me to have to work. Let me be the one to have to work.”

Learn more about Syatilla and Shaheizy’s love story ahead of their big day on Feb 8 in Penang.

1. How did you two first meet?

I watched Adnan Sempit back then and I thought he was so funny. About a month after that, Shaheizy attended a Dewi Remaja event and he had to come shake hands with all the Dewi Remaja contestants. I introduced myself. And after about three months, we met each other on Facebook.

2. What’s it like dating the busy actor?

We do go out and catch a movie, but not often; we’re not really like normal couples who go shopping.

I’ve never experienced those things, but for example, he asks me to eat at a kedai mamak, that already feels like dating to me.

3. How did he pop the question?

He said to me “Jom, I want to get married, you are one of the closest people that I have in my life.”

So he told his mum about his plans and then they came to my house in Penang to merisik (a ceremony where the groom and his family check out his potential wife). He is romantic actually and sweet in his own way but only I know.

4. Tell us about Shaheizy’s personality.

Shaheizy is one of the most difficult human beings for me to understand. It takes time. You can’t just simply know him in a month or two.

I’m still learning more about him. His mood isn’t always consistent. But I understand it’s because of his work.

He works a lot and he does a lot of things, he tries out a lot of businesses, not just acting. So his brain is always working.

5. Have you ever dreamt of having such a lavish wedding?

I never really dreamed of my wedding day as a kid. It never crossed my mind that I would get sponsorship worth RM25mil.

It doesn’t make sense really, but perhaps this is my rezeki (blessing), and also for Shaheizy. He has sacrificed so much for his mother and his family for all these years and this is his reward.