Actor Shaheizy Sam will be off the market in just a little over three weeks.

The 33-year-old Malaysian star announced during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 12 that he will be tying the knot with actress Syatilla Melvin, 24, on Feb 8 in Penang.

Shaheizy, clad from head to toe in white, gushed over his bride-to-be. “The most important thing is the heart. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. For her, it lies in the heart. And this beauty from the inside overflows and it shows on the outside.”

Shaheizy, who is known for his roles in the popular comedy film series Adnan Sempit and most recently, the all-time biggest-selling movie in Malaysia Polis Evo, also commended Syatilla for understanding and accepting his headstrong personality.

“I’ve never met someone as patient as her. She’s able to withstand all my temperaments. I’m a diva, if I want something, I want something! You can argue all you want,” he said.

“How she shows herself, that’s who she is. She can get a little crazy sometimes and that’s what she shows to the world. There’s no supermodel or diva behaviour. I’m the one who’s the diva.”

Rumours have been swirling since late last year that the actor is ready to start a family. The two have known each other and remained close for six years now but the decision to wed came just about one to two months ago.

“I realised if I waited until the day I’m not busy to get married, it will never happen,” he said.

Indeed, Shaheizy’s schedule is so packed. He reveals he will still be filming a new 20-episode drama, Bimbo, until just days before the big day.

Asked if being married will have any impact on his career, especially his marketability to female fans in the future, Shaheizy responded: “All this while, I’ve been thinking about myself. When I work, I think about myself. I need to find money for my family and I.

“But as long as I believe in God, God is fair. I’m adding a few more people to my family so I believe the rezeki (blessings) will spread even more.”

“Looking around us in the entertainment industry, there are plenty of names who are married and they are still doing well. So I don’t think that that will be a problem.”

Dubbed the “wedding of the year”, the nuptials has amassed RM25mil in sponsorships from brands including Ceres, Jakel, KL Wedding Ministry, Zaha Wedding Planner, Azasna Design, Altelia Amani, Lord’s Tailor, Arma Couture and more.

The majlis berinai and akad nikah ceremony will take place in Penang on Feb 7 and 8, respectively. A wedding reception for Syatilla’s family will be held at Bukit Jawi Golf Club in Penang on Feb 9 while a wedding reception for Shaheizy’s family will be held in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur on Feb 14. Another reception will be held for Shaheizy’s fans on Feb 20.

For fans who wish to attend the reception, download the game app Sam’s Ice Cream. Winners from the app will join Shaheizy and Syatilla in the celebration.

Find out more about Syatilla Melvin on Jan 21.