Here is a toy you would want before it is even readily available, and it comes from three students from Norway. The principle of it is simple. Magnetic pieces of different sizes and colours that repel each other. However, the possibilities of the game is far more impressive.

They call it Magination and the creators have left it up to people to create their own games based on how the pieces interact with each other.

Co-founder Juul Arthur Ribe Rudihagen described the possibilities.

“With the great power comes great build-ability, allowing you to create unique magnetic structures and increase the functionality of Magination even further,” he says.

Fellow co-founder Tobias Linkjendal said it was like a creative deck of cards.

“You can think of imagination as a deck of cards where you can play a variety of different games,” he says.

“But unlike a deck of cards it’s much easier to be creative with the way you play,” he adds.

Linkjendal said three years ago he showed some coin magnets to his university roommate Juul Arthur Ribe Rudihagen. They played a few games with them and decided to form Magination. They did so because they wanted everyone to experience the same creative feeling, he says.

The two co-founders are students at Norwegian University of Science and Technology along with fellow co-founder Hanna Agersborg Aanjesen.

The main goal is to spark a science interest in children and to encourage them to be creative, Linkjendal says.

Recently, the trio flew to the US to attend Comic Con in Boston. Here they showed off Magination to a wider audience.

On Nov 19 they will post the product on crowd funding site Kickstarter. Meanwhile, you can keep up to date with their progress through their Twitter page. –