Lat, Jimmy Choo and other famous personalities take time out to make a difference.

What do a classical dancer, former beauty queen and squash player have in common? Well, they are among the handful of Malaysian icons featured in My Swiss Watch Moment campaign.

The inaugural campaign by Swiss Watch Gallery (SWG) stars trailblazers in their respective fields, and includes their definitions on the art of time.

Touted as Malaysian influencers – having made a mark regionally and internationally – they share a synergy with SWG (which is owned by the Valiram Group and houses a comprehensive range of watch brands).

These individuals are featured in striking portraits. They also share their thoughts on precious moments in a series of videos; these are humorous, insightful and thought-provoking at times.

As part of this campaign, SWG donated to each of the personalities’ chosen charities.

The famous five are:

Datuk Lat

“Time is like the picture panels in a comic book; each, a still frame of a significant moment,” mused Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, better known as Lat.

“Some moments bring a smile to our faces. Others draw a tear from our eyes or tug at our hearts. But the most exciting bit about it all, is what happens in the next chapter. That is, literally, the art of time.”

Renowned for his unrivalled mastery in capturing human nature at its best, Lat has published more than 20 volumes of cartoons since the age of 13.

His works mostly illustrate Malaysia’s social and political scenes, portraying them in a comedic light without bias. Lat’s best known work is The Kampung Boy (1979), which is published in several countries.

His chosen charity is Perlembagaan Khairat Kematian Kampung Sungai Rokam, which aids the underprivileged of the village during the time of bereavement.

Datuk Nicol David

“Time is your friend and a contender, all at the same time,” expressed the first Asian woman to be ranked the world number one women’s squash player.

“The time you invest in your training is what you make at the end of the day. Out there on the court, time takes on a different character. It challenges you to take charge, pushing you to your limit. How well you do, is what the art of time is all about.”

Datuk Nicol David, the first Asian woman to be ranked the world number one women’s squash player.


David has won the British Open title five times, as well as the World Open title a record seven times.

The court commander’s chosen charity is Shammah Children’s Home, a home for abandoned babies and children in Bagan Ajam, Butterworth.

Datuk Jimmy Choo

“Take the time to manage your time. Being on time is a sign of respect for the people who buy our time,” said the Penang-born Choo, who took the fashion world by storm with his signature creations. “We transact promptness for trust, both of which are invaluable commodities we trade with one another. Our true measure of success must always be measure in time. That is the art of time.”

Datuk Jimmy Choo at work. His creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities and pop stars.


Famed for making shoes for the late Princess Diana, his creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities and pop stars.

His chosen charity is Selangor Cheshire Home. Founded in 1963, the home provides care for residents of all races who are permanently disabled without means or resources.

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim

“In the dance of life, time is the rhythm that accompanies the dancer’s every step,” enthused Ramli. “The passage of time is an intricate choreography for the dancer to embrace. Because, at the precise moment when one’s rhythm beats in unison to the rhythm of the universe, that is when one experiences harmony.”

Let’s dance: Cultural icon Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, who has performed internationally for more than three decades. He is one of five personalities featured in My Swiss Watch Moment campaign.


His stage presence alone is enough to create an impact and mesmerise audiences. Accomplished in ballet, modern and Indian classical dance, Ramli Ibrahim is a cultural icon who has performed internationally for more than three decades.

Sutra Foundation is his chosen charity, which strives to bring traditional and contemporary performing arts to life in Malaysia. The foundation carries into the future the thread of Ramli’s vision and contribution to the Malaysian arts scene.

Deborah Henry

“We are all given a finite amount of time on this earth, and for that reason it is priceless. The art of time is determined by how we choose to live each day. The time we take to make a difference matters to those who need it most. So use time wisely and show compassion through your words and actions, as it can change another person’s life.”

Crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah now devotes her life to humanitarian pursuits.

Crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry now devotes her life to humanitarian pursuits.


Her chosen charity is Fugee School. Established by Deborah and Shikeen Halibullah in 2008 as SKEF (Somalia Kids Education Fund), the co-founders began by providing weekly English and Mathematics tuition to a small group of Somali refugee children.

In 2009, they expanded operations by partnering with a private tuition centre (Save Education Centre) ran by Somali refugee Shafie Mohamed. The centre was soon transformed into an initiative that reached out to over 100 underprivileged students at no cost.

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