A heart-stopping, stomach-churning selfie taken atop Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue has gone viral for its vertigo and awe-inducing vantage point.

It's being described as perhaps the most epic selfie ever, and for good reason: With the permission of Brazil's tourism board, Briton Lee Thompson climbed to the top of the country's most iconic monument and snapped an arm's length selfie of himself that reveals the scale of the statue's height above sea level.

What makes the photo even more impressive is the illusion that Thompson is standing precariously unanchored on top of the statue. In reality, he's simply popped out from the stairs that take workers to the top of the statue's head.

“When I arrived at the foot of the statue and saw the platform awash with a sea of tourists, the gravity of what I was about to experience hit me and the butterflies in my stomach went nuts,” he wrote in a blog post on his website Theflashpack.co.uk, a travel company that he heads.

Thompson added: “As I popped my head out of the hole in Jesus' crown, I was in total and utter awe as my eyes met with a vast panorama that quite literally took my breath away.” Others who saw his selfie were similarly awed — posted on May 29, it has since been shared more than 11,600 times by June 3.