To take his mind off the pressure of “the beautiful game”, former Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson collected vintage wines and he’s auctioning all 5,000 bottles in May.

Definitely not a wallflower, Sir Alex Ferguson has been working a non-stop schedule since his retirement as Man Utd's manager, including launching a best-selling book, supporting Andy Murray at Wimbledon, turning up at the Oscars Vanity Fair party, and now he's auctioning his wine collection. Say what?

While it's a well known fact among Old Trafford fans that Fergie loves a bit of fermented grape juice every now and then, the fact that he's amassed a collection of 5,000 bottles with an estimated pre-sale value of three million pounds (RM16.3mil) is rather surprising. 

And now Fergie's putting it all up for sale, together with autographed memorabilia through auction house Christie’s. What's more? He's aiming to make a killing on the Asian market, where most of his wines are sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. 

Christie's auction house employees pose with a six-litre imperiale Sassicaia 2005 wine, signed by retired Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson.