Dragon Eye Fist

Dragon Eye Fist


If you were looking for a cocktail that can help you cope with the annual Chinese New Year heat wave, then this is it.

Hilariously inspired by “all those times your mother forced you to drink weird stuff when you are sick”, this is a drink that will be very familiar to Malaysians. Longan and red dates tea is a sort of ‘liong cha’ or ‘cooling tea’ that is quite common in Chinese restaurants and households.

Served without a straw to give the feeling of drinking an actual ‘liong cha’, it is a wonderfully refreshing drink that hardly tastes like a cocktail at all, but for the lingering, slightly smoky finish of the whisky at the end.

60ml J&B blended whisky
10ml homemade longan red date syrup
60ml Kenyan kapchorua tea,boiled with red dates
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 dash rye whisky barrel-aged bitters

Dry shake all the ingredients in a shaker, then pour over ice in a mug while stirring. Garnish with a piece of homemade longan red date leather.

Salty Chinaman

Salty Chinaman


A Disco-era cocktail created by Ng in 2002, this is drink inspired by her father’s experiences in China. “My father taught a drink made with lemon and kumquat and lemonade soda he used to drink when he was in China. Thirteen years later, I decided to revisit it from a bartender’s point of view, and noticed how interesting the flavour actually was,” Ng said.

A refreshing long drink with bitter and salty notes and a light citrus sweetness, Ng suggests having this as a starter drink when visiting the bar. It certainly is a good start for any evening, as the light and breezy flavours can also serve as a good palate cleanser before moving on to the more complex drinks.

15ml fresh lime juice
60ml vodka infused with kumquat
and lemon peel
1½ dash orange bitters
lemonade soda to top up

Mix the lime juice, vodka and bitters in a tall glass and stir down with ice. Then slowly top up with lemonade soda while stirring. Garnish with lemon and orange peel.

Lychee No 3

Lychee No 3


This is Ng’s own unique twist on the lychee martini. Meant to taste dry, floral and light, it is a delicate drink that is also not too sweet, surprisingly, considering the fact that she uses both lychee liqueur AND lychee syrup. The gin and lime juice balance the drink out nicely, while the ginger flower flavours give it an extra zing and a flavour that is unmistakably Malaysian.

45ml gin
15ml lime juice
15ml lychee liqueur
15ml lychee syrup
Ginger flower (bunga kantan)

Muddle the ginger flower in the shaker to release the flavours, add the rest of the ingredients, and shake long and hard with ice, and serve in martini glass. Garnish with whole lychee and ginger flower.