Social media for pet adoption

If you use Petfinder – it’s free – there’s a template that registers the important details in one simple profile: Breed, age, gender and location, so it’s all done for you.

You fill everything in, submit it, and when it’s reviewed and approved (that doesn’t take long), your post goes live.

New profiles go on top so they get most exposure; however, it’s best to share the link on your own social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Hooking up with other local pet rescue NGOs to spread the word is also a sensible move.

When you write your post, use hashtags for maximum linkage. For example, if you post to Twitter or Instagram, use the tags #adoption #cute #dog along with a link to your Petfinder profile.

Although Twitter is very much a tag and word-centred medium, a really cute image does wonders. Use PicMonkey ( to create a collage of three of your best photos and add it to your tweet. Then ask friends to Retweet.

Finally, swap posts with others who are looking to place pets.

If they find a home for their dog, you might snag someone else who was still thinking matters over.

And when you do place your pet, do keep sharing on a regular basis. It’s simple and you might help a pet survive. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

Halloween's going to the dogs

A pet food store and a pet café have joined forces to bring Halloween fun to the ‘furkids’.

No more whining at home for “furkids” when “mum” or “dad” go out for Halloween parties. They can now be part of the celebration.

Sit & Stay Artisan Pet food and Hop Hop Café are co-organising a charity Halloween dinner called “My Furry Halloween” for canine lovers to dine with their furry companions on Sunday, Nov 2.

A mouth-watering buffet spread will be served: Artisan pet food comprising an appetiser, a main course and a dessert, for the furkids; and two appetisers, three main courses and four desserts, for the humans.

“The pet food is made of human-grade ingredients such as pork, liver, pumpkin, cabbage, beetroot, sweet potatoes, eggs, parsley and flaxseeds, with no additives and added flavouring. In customising our canine menu, we use only fresh ingredients that are safe for dogs,” said Sit & Stay co-founder, Wong Puei Ee, in a media announcement.

“Apart from (doing) charity, this event will open up opportunities for us to engage with pet owners on a topic that we are passionate about: A clean and healthy diet for our furkids.”

Meanwhile, according to Hop Hop Café co-owner Gee Ci Long, pet owners can look forward to yummylicious dishes such as squid ink pasta garnished with salmon caviar, beef fillet and wild mushroom duxelle wrapped in puff pastry, macaroni cooked in Cajun cream cheese sauce and topped with spicy minced chicken, and chicken bratwurst in Italian tomato sauce.

Food is not the only great thing about this event.

“Games and a best dressed contest will be held at the event. Customers and their furkids are encouraged to come dressed in Halloween-themed costumes. It will be a good opportunity for furkids and their owners to bond over good food and good humour,” said Gee.

Proceeds from the ticket sales will be contributed to Cherishlife Home, a private no-kill animal shelter in Hulu Langat, Selangor, for animal welfare. Tickets for this charity dinner (7-10pm or until the food is gone) are priced at RM28 per dog and RM45 per person, and can be purchased at Hop Hop Café, 7 Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor, or