Decorate walls and windows with hand-cut kirigami spider webs.

Halloween is almost here and we’re all for bringing out the creepy crawlies – this quick craft project is simple to do and nice to look at, especially with glitter paper in the mix.

Plaster the completed webs on walls or hang them in a row for maximum icky effect. Add more bugs if you please.

Spider web kirigami
Skill level: Easy
Time required: 10 mins

1 Fold origami paper in half to make a triangle. Crease well.

2 Fold in half again to form a smaller triangle.

3 Turn the top of the triangle towards you.

4 Fold the right side over to the middle, but make it slightly off-centre.

5 Fold the left side over to line up with the edges on the right.

6 Turn to the back of the piece and cut straight across the top edge to remove the pointed tips.

7 Cut a slight curve onto the same area.

8 Cut strips into the piece as shown. Take extra care not to cut all the way to the end so the paper does not fall apart. You can also experiment with different patterns.

9 Cut off the bottom tip of the piece.

10 Unfold the paper and glue on a plastic spider.

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