Banish the bare-wrist look with this chunky chain bracelet.

While loom bands are kicking up a storm in the world of hand made accessories, there is also this other craft that you can try: A DIY chain bracelet that’s just as easy to make.

Pair colourful suede rope with silver or gold chains to create a sophisticated bracelet, pretty enough to be worn even to the swankiest affairs.

Chunky chain bracelet

Skill level: Easy

Time required: 15 minutes

1. Measure the chain to fit around your wrist. Mine came up to 17.8cm (7in).

2. Using the pliers, cut the chain to length by removing the appropriate chain links. Make another one of the same length.

3. Cut a 56cm (22in) length of suede rope.

4. Thread the rope through the top link of both chains.


















5. Tie a knot.

6. Thread each of the rope strands through the opposing link. Tug gently.

7. Then bring each strand vertically downwards to the next link.

8. Thread the strands through opposing links to form an “X”.


















9. Flip the chain to the back and tie a knot.

10. Repeat steps six through nine until the end of the chain.

11. Secure rope strands with a double knot at the end.

12. Attach the clasp and jump ring set onto one end link on the bracelet, and another jump ring on the other end.


















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