Curious to know what happens when you spay or neuter your dog? Read on.

Shelters neuter pets before the public is allowed to adopt them, and vets routinely advise pet lovers to neuter because of the many advantages the procedure offers. The biggest benefit is that neutering takes sex out of the equation. If you think it’s not a big deal, think again!

Girl dogs – bitches – have a six-month reproductive cycle that's punctuated by times when they go on heat, meaning that they're fertile and ready to mate. This time lasts about 18 days on average. During this time, she'll have an increased sexual drive, which means she’ll be scratching at the door and howling to go out and have fun. We’re not talking the odd whine here: we’re talking commotion 24/7.

What’s more, every boy dog in the neighbourhood will know it. The neutered males will know but won’t be too bothered. But the ones that are intact will be hanging about, waiting for her.

The bold ones will be howling, too, and scratching at the door. They get over-excited and will fight each other. If you’re in a doggy neighbourhood, there could be half a dozen of them at your gate. Again, they’ll be there 24/7 for the whole 18 days. They can’t help it: this is nature at work.

Being in thrall to this drive makes pets miserable – and owners, too. By neutering your pets, you will have a girl who won’t be reduced to a sex slavering wreck every few months, and a male who won’t be running off all the time.

After the procedure, you won’t see any difference in your dog’s personality. For one thing, dogs don’t have the op and then suddenly become sluggish, slow and fat! Dogs, when they get older, get a little fatter for exactly the same reason we get fatter: pups are constantly rushing around while older dogs lie on the sofa and watch the footie.

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