Dyson Pure Cool large tower purifying fan.

You can run but you can’t hide from pollution. When we are outdoors, we are assailed by smoke, car fumes and industry emissions in the city.

So we hide indoors, thinking that we’re safe from pollutants, without realising there are still plenty of microscopic particles that are invisible to the human eye.

Our homes are a hotbed of pollution, stemming from our cleaning products, pet dander, scented candles, new furniture and paint as well as cooking fumes, among others.

As we make ourselves more comfortable with modern appliances such as fans and air-conditioners, we unwittingly circulate these pollutants all over the house and breathe in the polluted air.

To tackle the issue of indoor air pollution, Dyson has come up with a two-in-one solution, its all new Pure Cool purifying fan which purifies the room and cools it down at the same time.

The purifying fan is said to be able to purify the whole room, capturing gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns, which is 300 times narrower than human hair.

“At Dyson, we develop machines for real people and real homes, creating technology that works well in the test lab, but more importantly, doing what they’re expected to do in a real-world setting.

“To clean the air at home, a purifier needs more than a filter. It needs to automatically sense pollution, capture gases and ultrafine particles, and project clean air to every corner of the room.

“The Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan does all of this, making it the only purifier fan to clean a whole room properly,” said Dyson Health and Beauty vice-president Paul Dawson.

Available in two sizes – large tower format and small desk style – the fan comes in a contemporary and minimalist design that makes it a perfect fit for the home, be it the bedroom or home office, or a larger area such as the living room.

Dyson Pure Cool Desktop purifying fan.

The beauty of this fan is that it comes with a built-in LCD display which automatically senses and reports particles and gases in the home in real time.

Thanks to an improved filter, it can capture both particulate matter and absorb gases, odours, domestic fumes and volatile organic compounds more effectively. And you know all this because you get an air quality reading which gives you the relevant information.

Dyson’s purifying fan is the only purifier in the market with Air Multiplier technology and 350° oscillation, allowing it to project 290 litres of purified air per second into the room.

A unique diffused airflow mode gives you a choice of cooling down the room with purified air on forward airflow mode, or a purification-only mode which works well in an air-conditioned room if you want to just purify the air without cooling the airflow.

Since we are living in a tech-savvy age, Dyson has thoughtfully included an app that is available for iOS and Android, the Dyson Link app 4.1, that will enable you to track indoor and outdoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels with just a touch of the finger.

You can also use this to control the machine to see how many hours of filter life is left.

The new machines come with full Over the Air Update Capability, which means that owners can continue to get the most advanced Dyson software even after purchasing the machine.

Alternatively, there’s also a magnetised remote control that can be neatly stored on top of the machine and used to control the fan’s function.

Dyson first entered the purifying fan category in 2015 in response to the increasing global problem of indoor air pollution.

The brand has continued to pioneer purifying fans globally, leading new test methods in China, the world’s largest market for air purifiers.

Available in white/silver colour, black/nickel or iron/blue colours, the desktop fan is priced at RM2,259 while the large tower format is RM2,829.

It comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee.

The fans are sold on shop.dyson.my, the Dyson Demo at the Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur as well as major department and electrical stores.