An Australian police officer fried an egg on the bonnet of his vehicle during the recent heatwave in the Queensland town of Birdsville.

A video posted on the Queensland Police Service’s Facebook page shows an officer cooking an egg with a frying pan sitting on top of a vehicle parked on Big Red, the red sand dunes that make up the Simpson Desert in Australia.

The video was posted online on Feb 10 and has garnered over three million views within five days.

A report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News said the Bureau of Meteorology recorded the afternoon temperature in Birdsville has not dipped below 41°C since Australia Day (Jan 26) until Feb 12.

Birdsville usually records a February maximum of 38°C, but this year the temperature set a record of top 47.1°C on Feb 12.

The extreme heat rolling out of Australia’s desert interior also pushed temperatures in the north-eastern state of Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), home to the capital, Canberra, to uncomfortable levels over the weekend. – Reuters