Got allergies? Allergic reactions come in several different forms, including a runny nose, sneezing, coughing and rashes.

Even if you’re stoic, it makes sense to ask a doctor about proper testing and diagnosis for allergies. This is so you can pinpoint the actual cause and then explore the range of medications available.

While you are there, ask your doctor about immunotherapy, a systematic desensitisation system that will help reduce or even eliminate your allergic response. After all, why suffer when you might be able to fix it?

Suppose you are allergic to your pet, but you can cope with the symptoms, what do you do then? The Asthma And Allergy Foundation Of America suggests several simple ideas:

1. Keep your bedroom a no-go area. You sleep there at night, so make sure your dog/cat stays out. That gives you a good chunk of time when you aren’t exposed.

2. As dander is sticky, go for surfaces that are simple to clean. This means tiles and marble instead of rugs, and sofa covers you can remove and put through the wash regularly.

3. Install a HEPA filter into your air-conditioning and use a HEPA-certified vacuum cleaner rather than a broom for your floors. This microfilter will help remove allergens from the air.

4. Have someone who’s not allergic brush your pet regularly to reduce loose fur and so on. But do it outside!