Scientists exploring Ufiata, an underwater mountain in New Zealand’s Territory of Tokelau, witnessed fierce clashes between a shrimp and a dragonfish.

Video captured on March 27 by a camera mounted on Deep Discoverer, a remotely operated vehicle used by scientists on the Okeanos Explorer ship, shows a caridean shrimp and a midwater dragonfish battling each other on the ocean floor.

“During this impressive display of predatory behaviour, the shrimp was observed impaling and consuming the dragonfish while the fish was still alive!”, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States Department of Commerce (NOAA) said on its website.

The Okeanos Explorer ship on March 7-29 surveyed little known areas in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, the world’s largest marine protected area managed by the NOAA.

Scientists aboard the ship used Deep Discoverer capable of diving to the depths of 6km (nearly four miles) to collect data on the marine life in the area, NOAA said. – Reuters