Cats and kittens are incredibly easy to train. Mummy cats teach their kittens so, if yours is from a good home, you don’t need to do a thing.

If you adopt a stray, simply showing it a clean tray filled with litter is usually enough. To be certain, watch your new pet and when you see signs it needs to potty, put it in the litter box and walk away. It will use it all by itself.

Note: If you don’t maintain a pristine cat litter tray, your pet won’t use it. So police the commode at least twice a day!

Dogs need more attention. For them, mark a clear toilet zone. Never move it! Place the tray, paper or lining down and watch your pet. When it’s potty time, place them on the right spot and wait. Be patient. Pets may need to circle, sniff, hang about, and there may be false alarms.

When your pet does the business, be lavish with your praise. For a typical healthy pup, it takes daily monitoring for about two weeks for this habit to sink in and stick.

If your pet has an accident, and you don’t see it till it’s too late, don’t yell. Your dog won’t understand. Simply clean the dirty spot properly and be more careful while watching your pet next time.

Do you have a garden? Put grit into a corner to make a super special pet loo that’s easy to clean, and train your dog to use that particular corner.