Some people consider vacuuming a tedious job. But thanks to Panasonic, you will rediscover cleaning in ways that you have never imagined before.

With the tagline Free Your Moves, Panasonic introduced a new line in its Living series and the latest addition of the brand’s cordless stick vacuum cleaner – the MC-BJ980.

Designed with strong suction power of 200W, it is the highest in Panasonic history through the newly developed high-power motor.

Once the battery has charged for three hours only, it can last up to 65 minutes – longest in the product category with eight cells of large capacity lithium ion battery – which is sufficient to clean up the whole house.

As trends change, the fast-paced lifestyle has caused a shift in market demand from regular household vacuum cleaner to stick vacuum cleaner. Many consumers are switching to cordless stick vacuum cleaners and Panasonic believes it is the brand’s strength to make their consumers’ lives easier.

Among the key features of the latest cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the house dust sensor that detects specks up to 20μm (the size of a dust mite).

On top of that, it has a full capture nozzle that cleans up corners and edges efficiently through its unique design and capable of cleaning all types of flooring. It has a V-shaped brush that collects dirt and dust to the centre of the nozzle to be easily vacuumed.

It has the double filter dust box, which effectively filters and removes blockage.

Besides that, it is the first household appliance to use cellulose fibre resin and weighs 2.6kg only.

The handle and nozzle are in a straight position that provides easy maneuverability, while the unique shape is designed for easy grip and handling. The slip-proof cushion design makes it easy for it to lean upright against the wall.

The new vacuum cleaner from Japan is available in white and red, and priced at RM2,999 each.

At the product launch event held at Colony KLCC, Vipod Residences, Kuala Lumpur, an extensive show was put up in the hub area to showcase the extensive range of Living products that Panasonic has to offer to its consumers.

“The demand for cordless stick vacuum cleaner has been steadily growing, due to the convenience provided by the cordless features and more sophisticated features being added to the product,” said Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Cheng Chee Chung.

“We have successfully achieved powerful suction, long run time, easy to use while being able to provide a clean and comfortable space with this new cordless stick vacuum cleaner, befitting our effort in enhancing the lifestyle of Malaysians,” he added.

According to Panasonic Malaysia deputy managing director Hiroyuki Muto, the company brought in 300 new vacuum cleaners for the local market in May.

“We are targeting the young people, especially the millennials, to buy these new vacuum cleaners. It is very easy, and can be quickly used for cleaning,” he shared with the media.

Panasonic Malaysia audio visual communication department and home appliances marketing department general manager Ng Hong Ping said the company has introduced five types of vacuum cleaners over the years – robotic, cordless stick, bagged canister, bagless canister and tank.

“The latest one is very light, and is easy to carry, use and keep,” he said.


Panasonic promoter Dexter Yap showing on how the brand’s new Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner can suck the dust from the big teddy bear, normally kept at the children room, during a demonstration held at the product launch event at Colony KLCC, Vipod Residences, Kuala Lumpur.

During the product presentation, Panasonic personnel demonstrated to the audience the suction power of the new vacuum cleaner which could lift a 12kg metal piece. The audience saw how efficient the vacuum cleaner was in cleaning away dust from toys, mattress and edges of the floor.

“When the sensor detects dust, the light will turn red, and it will change to blue after you have cleaned the dust. It has a mattress nozzle to clean mattresses and bedding materials for a more hygiene living space,” said Panasonic promoter Dexter Yap.

At the outset of the event, the audience were treated to an entertaining video depicting how a couple could get carried away cleaning their homes using the new product, followed by a staging of a lively performance by the same couple.

The guests were also later served with a Ramadan buffet.