Giving an animal a hug makes most people feel relaxed. Does it logically follow though that the bigger the animal, the better you’ll feel afterwards?

A farm in the state of New York is offering cuddling sessions with the doe-eyed animals starting at US$75 (RM306) per hour for up to two people. During that time, you can brush, pet or snuggle up to them.

Mountain Horse Farm promises a “fun and very relaxing experience” with the heifers. Images on the farm’s Instagram page mostly show people hanging an arm over a cow or patting one’s moppy head.

Depending on which of the four packages you pick, you can also get up close and personal with miniature and regular horses on the farm.

But the United States isn’t the only place where you can hug a cow: It’s also a thing in the Netherlands, where cuddling a Dutch cow “has a soothing effect on people and give you a feeling of trust”, according to Kastanje Hoeve farm in the north-western village Beets. – dpa