Being a trendsetter, Rozel has capitalised on the current trend of homeowners who want to add style and luxury while saving space.


Welcome to the world of Rozel’s 3XL genuine leather sofa with Power Recliner.

Welcome to the world of Rozel’s 3XL genuine leather sofas with Power Recliner, newly launched premium genuine leather sofas designed for those who insist on luxury and the highest standards of quality.

Rozel’s 3XL Seater can actually fit a smaller, narrower living area better. This is simply because a more lavish three-seater eliminates the need for additional two-seaters, freeing up space and creating a more elegant layout.

Rozel’s 3XL seaters are 3m long as opposed to the normal three-seaters, which are 2m long. With this generous length, a family of five can unwind more comfortably and enjoy family cuddle time together on what is technically a three-seater.

For those who need additional seating to accommodate more guests, a one-seater relaxing chair or footstools can accentuate the living area and accommodate more. Therefore, with just one sofa, you’ll enjoy a more stylised interior décor and ultimately save on space.

Rozel’s 3XL genuine leather sofas with power recliners are set to become a requirement for luxury sofas. With just a touch of a button, it automatically reclines to your position of choice within seconds. Then, it’s bliss!


A nifty charging port to keep you connected without leaving your seat.

It comes with a nifty feature too- a built-in charging port that you can simply attach your gadget to without leaving your seat.

Couples now get to enjoy another interesting feature- Rozel’s 3XL sofa’s One Touch Power Recliner buttons come with two memory positions, so there’s no need to fight over each other’s favourite sofa reclining positions.


The One Touch Power Recliner buttons come with two memory positions.

Once you have adjusted to your desired position and use the memory function, you do not need to readjust in future.

These plush, luxurious genuine leather 3XL sofas are among the huge range of combinations available in all Rozel showrooms, from a minimalist look for small condominium units to luxurious detailing for spacious landed properties.

All Rozel products are designed and created to give customers maximum comfort and elegance. Rozel’s 3XL genuine leather sofas are available in a few colours and can also be customised based on your preferred choice.

Established 28 years ago, Rozel now has 16 furniture galleries across Malaysia. Inspired by popular Italian creativity in furniture and furnishings, Rozel now widely offers furniture catered to the living room, dining area and bedrooms.

Rozel showrooms are open every weekday from 11am-9pm and from 10am-9pm on weekends and public holidays. Visit any showroom now to feel the Rozel difference and be rewarded with great rebates for your purchases.