More than 100 dogs have won Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show – and yet some breeds have never taken home the crown.

Not only that, but some breeds win far more than others. Terrier breeds have won Westminster more than 40% of the time, with the wire fox terrier winning a whopping 14 times.


The Skye terrier has distinctive feathery ears and fur that make it look like it is peeking through a curtain. A Skye terrier won Best In Show in 1969.

Popular American breeds the standard poodle, Boxer, American Cocker Spaniel and Doberman Pinscher have won four times, while breeds like the French Bulldog, Dachshund and Golden Retriever have never won.

The process of becoming an official breed with the American Kennel Club (AKC) takes years and requires set standards and a population of hundreds of that breed spread around the United States. Here are some recently introduced breeds as well as obscure long-standing ones. Their unique jobs or appearances will make them stand out among the competition.


Dandie Dinmont terriers have big hair and big personalities, making them true dandies of the dog world. They have deep barks that don’t match their appearance. It has never won Best In Show but has won the terrier group twice.

For more than three centuries, the annual Westminster Kennel Club (WKC) Dog Show has crowned a Best In Show winner that represents the best of the best of purebred dogs. The 143rd WKC show, which took place in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Feb 9-12, featured more than 3,000 dogs representing more than 200 breeds.

You might be familiar with popular breeds like Labrador retrievers and standard poodles, but what about the dozens of striking rare breeds? – Tribune News Service


The curly-haired Lagotto Romagnolo debuted at Westminster in 2016. Its name means “lake dog of Romagna” and is famously bred for truffle-hunting. It has high endurance, a keen sense of smell and strong retrieving instincts.


A Puli’s outstanding feature is its dreadlocks.