I vividly remember the moment

When I first saw you six years ago

holding yourself down right there under some concrete, beside a big drain

trembling in hunger

shivering in cold

All alone and clueless

not knowing where to go

or what to do

My heart ached to see

that poor helpless puppy you were

Looking so tiny and skinny

Feeling so lost and fearful

You couldn’t voice it out but

Your wet despaired eyes reflected suffering

Your pinkish skin revealed weeks of neglect

Your weak fragile body spoke of days of hunger

Everything you didn’t say, just said it all

You were too afraid of everyone and everything around you

Yet something told you to call out to me

for help

for shelter

and some love

Feeling sorry for you

I took a step forward towards you

But you weren’t too sure of this stranger

as something bad must have had happened to you

that made you lose faith in humanity

Too scared of what was lying ahead

you growled hesitantly

you showed your tiny little teeth

you tried to frighten me away

merely to defence yourself from more harm

But I wasn’t ready to give up.

All determined to take your home

away from the agony you were in

I came back to you twice that day

to feed you

to talk to you

to say that it was OK

and to slowly gain your trust.


Lassie, when she was first rescued by the writer.

Again something must have told you

that I was the one who could save you

from thirst, from hunger, from a loveless life

And finally you gave in and let me touch you

With tears of joy rolling down my cheeks,

I placed you gently on my lap

and off we drove home.

Once you set your paws at home

You came out of your shell

And your true personality simply shone!

You ran round and round

You let out excited barks

You jumped here and there

Just like any happy little puppy!

Somehow you felt safe and comfortable

As if you belonged here

You knew that you would never ever get hurt again

And accepted us as your new family right away.

Soon you thrived, grew into a beautiful girl

The once gloomy eyes began beaming in joy

The once fragile body turned all furry and fluffy

And in no time,

With your ever bright smile

With your ever energetic spirit

you won over Appa and Amma’s hearts

and even Julie and Puppy’s!

You decided that this was your forever place

and called it home

right here with us

Since you came into our lives

You’ve given us countless moments of happiness to cherish

You’ve given us thousands of reasons to laugh to our hearts’ content

You’ve given us unconditionally all the love in the world

You’ve filled our hearts without even trying, simply by just being you

You’ve brought us closer and warmed our home

And needless to say,

You’ve been such a comfort and joy to be with

Sometimes somehow you just seem to know

when things are not going well

and you come to me

saying that it is OK to feel that way

telling us that dull days are not forever to stay

showing us that it is not the end of the world

And you just brighten my days up

and turn all my sorrows to joy

I can’t imagine how my life would have been

if you hadn’t come to me

You’ve taught me so much

About moving on

About the joy in giving

About enjoying the little things

And about making each and every moment count

Though I’ve not been able to see you every day for the past year

I still think of you fondly

every time I go to bed

every time I wake up

and every time in between

Despite deeply missing you,

I feel content

knowing that you are in safe and lovely hands

with Amma, Appa and Puppy

I miss you so much

And I proudly admit it to everyone that

You are the first one I look forward to seeing

Whenever I come home!

I’ll do anything and everything

to make you happy and healthy

to make you feel safe and be loved

just like how every dog deserves to be

I’ll never let you down

And that’s my promise to you, my dear Lassie

I love you beyond words can express, my baby

And I know that you love me too

“While saving the life of one dog does not change the world, it definitely changes the world for the one you save”.

My determination to bring her home that day not only changed her world but also ours in many wonderful ways.

Lassie was rescued on Feb 3, 2013. . Julie passed away five years ago, when she was 14. And Puppy is now 15 years old.