Want to spread the joy? Here are some super ideas for doggy treats.

> Home-cooked chicken, pork, and beef. Buy fresh meat, deboned, and either steam, roast or boil it. Don’t add salt, sugar or any spices, just cook it so that it’s deliciously tender. If you boil it, the water turns into a pawsome soup for dogs.

> Boiled and scrambled eggs. They’re super-yummy and packed with vitamins, including B2 that works to maintain energy by breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

> Carrots and pumpkin. It may seem a little odd but carnivore dogs do love these vegetables – possibly because they are naturally sweet. Carrots can be given raw or cooked, pumpkin works best when it’s boiled, steamed or roasted. As an extra advantage, they’re packed with fibre, which promotes good digestion.

> Fish fillets. Steamed or boiled fish has a strong scent and therefore is super-appealing to dogs. Boneless is best because even little bones can get stuck and you don’t want to spend Christmas sticking your fingers into your pet’s mouth, trying to help remove one. Either buy frozen fillets from the supermarket or get the fishmonger to clean them properly.

> Cooked oatmeal. A bowl of porridge is a wonderful breakfast, especially for dogs who are going to be on the go all day. It’s also fibre-rich. However, do pick the product that has no added sugars or flavourings. And if your dog is lactose intolerant, make it with water, not milk.

Note: Do watch your pet and, if you see something’s not right, go get a check-up. Vets may be closed over the season, so look up a 24-hour emergency number and address now, and hang it on the fridge. Then, if there is an accident, you know where to find help.