Renowned international brand Vono has been a quality name from the United Kingdom since 1896. Vono mattresses are made with the exclusive Intalok Springing System, which was developed using the best in British technology in order to provide sleepers a healthy, refreshing sleep.

Its mattresses follow the contours of the body, buttressing the body weight to provide a firmer, healthier support at all points. And this helps reduce back problems.

The Intalok Springing System is made from a continuous interlocked high-tensile steel wire that has a strength of up to 250,000psi (1.7E9Pa), reinforced by stabilisers at the edges for edge-back support and better sleeping comfort.

While the Pocketed Intalok Springing System takes each Intalok Springing System and covers that in a specially stitched pocket. These pockets are arranged in linear channels and are able to reduce the disturbance of body movement by another sleeper.

Vono’s also comes with a premium quality stretchable knitted fabric for its SpinePro mattress series called SilverGuard, which is imported from Europe. It is a treated mattress fabric that offers hygiene and freshness for the night, energy for the day.

SilverGuard treatment does not harm the skin’s health in anyway and renders the fabric free from bacteria up to 40°C.

The USA-based company Sleep Group Solutions’ (SGS) conducted laboratory tests with results that proved the SilverGuard treatment is able to diminish bacteria more than 99% within 24 hours on a mattress fabric. SGS deals in dental and medical sleep medicine education, instrumentation and in-office training.


Vono SpinePro 1200 is firmer with 1,200 pocketed Intalok springs for its largest mattress and has a quilted pillow top panel.

Vono mattresses are also fitted with a Ultra Lumbar Support with extra 3.5mm steel wire frame for its ErgoBed series and SpinePro series mattresses, to provide even more support for your back.

So, in summary, Vono SpinePro mattresses series offers several benefits to sleepers:
 It reinforces strong support with its Intalok Springing System that has at least two times spring count for two times back support
 SilverGuard treated fabric for mattress hygiene, because as we sleep, we also sweat and SilverGuard treated fabric is able to diminish 99% of the bacteria within 24 hours.
 SpinePro mattress has Ultra Lumbar Support and designed with fives zones that gives extra cushioning to the lumbar areas, giving you a natural posture while sleeping.
 Good ventilation, as according to a university research, a spring mattress is 28% cooler compared to a memory foam one as the spring layer allows air flow in and out freely, keeping the mattress fresh.
 Edge stabilisers, which strengthen the overall edge support and widen the sleeping area via high-tension torsion steel bars placed around the edges of the mattress
 15 years warranty from the manufacturer as Vono mattresses are very durable and lasting.


Vono ambassador Maya Karin exhibiting the best parts of sleeping on a Vono mattress.

Always use a Vono mattress on a flat-based divan to give the mattress an even surface — that helps optimise support for the sleeper.

Vono’s SpinePro series is a range that protects the spine while you sleep. It comes in SpinePro 800 that has 800 Intalok springs for its largest size and is of medium firmness.

While SpinePro 1200 is firmer with 1,200 pocketed Intalok springs for its largest mattress and has a quilted pillow top panel. SpinePro SE is similar to the 1200 series but has a quilted Euro top.

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