Di.Fang (book@difang.space), a venue rental online platform, has 13 exclusive venues in the Klang Valley for closed door meetings, seminars, workshops or awards ceremonies. Their goal is to have 30 venues by year’s end.

Difang means location in Mandarin. We focus on giving customers a hassle-free experience for their events, by including catering, decorations and any other requests,” said Lau Soong Huey, founder of Di.Fang, who has been in the events industry for the past six years.

“We provide package prices – either a six-hour or a 12-hour package. Most people settle for six hours while for corporate events, they choose the 12-hour package.

“There is also a corporate care package to boost employees’ morale and kill the stress for the event organisers. The package offers four kinds of activities: corporate training, creative training, fitness training and a corporate getaway. Companies can approach us for an all-year-round package or a quarter-year plan,” he said. Di.Fang started off as a simple idea: to help people find their event spaces. It has previously hosted events for between 10 and 500 people, ranging from town hall meetings and conferences, to birthday parties, weddings and other private functions.

“We’ve had our fair share of birthday parties, appreciation nights and mini concerts, but also various corporate events for Astro, Petronas, and more,” Lau said. After being in the organising team for various concerts and music festivals, Lau decided to branch out into the niche market of providing event venues based on his personal experience.

“It’s always difficult to find the right venue for the right event. Most of the time, different events end up at the same venue,” he said.

He looked at the market and realised that existing venue platforms focus a lot on connecting customers to hundreds of different venues. After chatting with the venue owners, he found that they share a similar sentiment: the exposure was great but it didn’t help in sealing more deals.

“We decided on a smaller list of venues, and we’ve been able to have a higher chance of securing business for our venues.

“If certain venues are not getting enquiries, we figure out what kind of clients we can attract for those venues. We became venue marketing specialists after a while although we’ve been in this business for not more than a year,” Lau reflected.

The Di.Fang website serves as a placeholder as it wants clients to see the range of venues, to pique their interest. From there, it hopes to get their venue idea and propose the perfect place.