The Year of the Earth Dog, which according to feng shui charts began on Feb 4, favours the pure hearted and the bold, says feng shui master Jessie Lee. “Resources are everywhere. It will be a year of great opportunities and advancement,” notes the 42-year-old feng shui master who has also been reading tarot cards for 15 years.

Lee reckons that self-restriction will be the main “enemy” of the year, and thus people will need to pluck up their courage and be fearless. In charting the predictions for the year, the imagery associated with 2018 is a huge mountain shrouded in cold darkness.

“To go forth, be absolutely sure where you want to go and how to get there,” Lee shares. “Clarity and strategy should be your buzzwords for the year ahead. Then step forward fearlessly and navigate with your heart, rather than with what you see with your eyes. If you stay put because of fear, there will be no progress.”

There will be much to struggle with as the Earth Dog is associated with what is called “toxic earth”. So everyone should pay attention to their health, especially with regard to cancer-related issues.

Those with a family history of cancer should go for a thorough medical check-up. People with the Dog and/or Ox in their personal Bazi chart should go for medical check-ups too.

Feng shui master Jessie Lee

When it comes to the arrival of the stork, however, those having babies in February, March and June are fortunate as these months appear to be the “better months” for births, says the feng shui master.

This year, the zodiac signs that are against the Grand Duke of Jupiter (or farn tai sui) are the Dog, Dragon, Ox, Goat and Rooster. People born under these zodiac signs will tend to react emotionally or act hastily.

Such actions may lead to making wrong decisions and they may suffer the consequences of “bad luck”. Lee’s advice? “Try to stay calm and grounded.” She said some people would be advised to conduct prayers to avert bad luck if they offend the Grand Duke of Jupiter.

But these days, there is a wide range of actions that one can carry out in order to help balance the emotions, including yoga, exercise, meditation, baking, cooking and other such hobbies that promote mindfulness. It’s never too late to kickstart those resolutions!

Not All Fine And Dandy

The earth element in the Year of the Earth Dog is expected to bring prosperity to those involved in wood industries (fashion, media, paper, books, education and environment). Fire industries (energy, finance and entertainment) are productive but not so profitable, says Raymond Lo, one of Hong Kong’s foremost feng shui master.

Lo, who is in his 60s, is one of the most sought-after professional feng shui and destiny consultants in the world, and carries the title of “Grand Master” from the Inter­na­tional Feng Shui Association. He is an author, researcher, lecturer, and teacher with decades of practice.

Earth industries (property, mining and high technology), according to the University of Hong Kong graduate, will face stiff competition this year and will not fare well. Metal industries (banking, machinery, cars) will also have an unfavourable year. Likewise, water industries (transport, communication, shipping) will not be profitable, he adds.

The general economic atmosphere, however, will tend towards a bearish cycle. During a bear market, the economy will typically slow down and unemployment will rise as companies begin laying off workers. According to Lo, the Dog is also represented by the symbol “grave of fire” and this will cause economic setbacks.

Year of the Dog

According to Lo, the Earth element in 2018 is expected to bring prosperity to those involved in wood-related industries including fashion, media, paper, books, education and environment.

“This year will see a decline in economic growth and activities leading to a longer-term setback of the stock market. Also more economic crises will crop up,” says Lo. As there will not be a fire year until 2025, it will be a long-lasting bear market ahead.

In Chinese astrology, the Earth Dog, Lo says, represents a complicated Earth element and is associated with several symbols, including the “underground”. This is often linked to underground works such as excavations and archaeological discoveries. Due to this, Lo foresees troubles related to the subways.

The Earth Dog is also symbolic of a massive mountain and is associated with disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and collapsing buildings. As such, mountaineering sports may prove unsafe. The Earth element is also closely linked to roads, and as such traffic accidents will be triggered. Lo also forecasts air disasters this year.

Healthwise, Lo predicts that cancer will be the major health problem of the year. Other health issues are problems associated with the stomach, heart and pancreas, including diabetes. This year, people will also be more likely to gain weight. So it is best not to overeat!

Lo says people born in the Year of Dog are “offending” the year while those born in the year of Dragon are in conflict with the year. This usually results in more movements and travelling. It is all right to make necessary changes such as moving house, moving offices, or changing jobs or taking trips.

However, take extra care and refrain from risky sports such as driving fast cars and airplanes, diving and parachuting. The Dragon, he said, should minimise travelling directly towards the north-west as it is the direction of the Grand Duke.

Year of the Dog

Feng Shui master Yap Boh Chu

Strategy For The Year

This year, the fire of hope and general happiness will be stifled and optimism will be low. “There will be obstacles and obstructions in getting things done. Plans will not proceed smoothly and one must require quick thinking to overcome setbacks. The strategy is to plan well and proceed carefully,” says local feng shui master Yap Boh Chu.

Yap advises not to rush into anything. “If in doubt, sit and wait rather than take hasty action. Pride is a source of failure whereas humility will be an asset to success,” he shares.

The worst months, he says, are April, July, October (this year) and January (2019) in which natural disasters could happen. Take heart if you are born under the sign of the Snake, Rabbit, Pig and Horse because you are bound to have a good year nonetheless, he says.