Some dogs have the good fortune of having more followers on social media than some aspiring celebrities. Not that they even know it, but it’s all in good fun, thanks to their most dedicated humans who dress them up and photograph them in interesting or hilarious poses.

Named after a star

Geordi la Corgi sounds like royalty, no?

This very cute Corgi was named after the character Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

His adoring owners, Aiden Lee and Onesimus Nuernberger, play a very big part in his gaining fame on Instagram, where he is known as a “personal trainer and professional butt model”. (Have you seen those YouTube videos of cute Corgi butts?)


Geordi La Corgi takes in the view from the rooftop of a garage overlooking Playa Vista in Los Angeles, California. Photo: TNS

Lee, an art director with a marketing agency in Los Angeles, California, is Geordi’s business manager. And Nuernberger takes those gorgeous photographs of Geordi that you can see on Instragram (@lacorgi) and on Facebook (Geordi la Corgi).

He has a legion of fans on Instagram. From 238K followers, the numbers have ballooned to 276K, between September 2017 and January 2018. That’s 38,000 new followers in five months! – Evelyn Len

Fondest memories

For four years, Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie), a mini French bulldog, delighted her fans. Some of her Instagram posts show her wearing zany outfits such as the shark, lion and monkey costumes.

Her faithful followers – 189,000 of them on Instagram – also love videos of her trudging through the snow wearing her bright pink parka, walking about in Halloween outfits, and in Winnie The Pooh costume, among many others.



Her dog-mum Loni Edwards is the founder of The Dog Agency, an Instagram pet talent agency.

On Oct 25 last year, a healthy Chloe went for a routine procedure, and was then taken to an animal hospital for observation overnight. One wrong move by a staff member caused Chloe to experience multiple heart attacks.

Edwards wrote on Chloe’s Instagram page: “(Chloe) fought so, so hard to stay with us, but the fatal error was simply too much for our little nugget to overcome. We’re going to miss her so, so much.”

However, her fans will always remember the joy that Chloe brought them through her posts. – EL

It’s a holiday every day


Buster’s motto in life? Be happy, stay happy. Photo: Instagram@busterthebombpom

Buster, a Pomeranian/Fox Terrier mix, may be small in size but his influence on Instagram is huge.

Making his home on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii, the United States, Buster is living a life filled with fun and adventure. He travels quite a bit, too, having been to Beverly Hills (in California), Koko Head Trail (in Honolulu), and most of the beaches in Hawaii (of course!). His favourite things to do are swimming and surfing.

He is a party animal, too, and any event is a good reason to celebrate.

Buster’s natural charisma and good looks – big, soulful eyes and happy smile – mean that his pictures are eye-candy for his followers – all 23.5K of them. See his amazing posts on Instagram@busterthebombpom. – Nishal Laurence

Pint-sized trendsetter


Winston is an award-winning pooch. Photo: Instagram@mightymorkie

Meet pint-sized Winston, who is a half-Yorkie and half-Maltese … and completely adorable.

His charming looks and outfits are irresistible. Naturally, he is a canine model and trend-setter rolled into one.

He was rescued from a place where he was neglected, and now lives with his new owners in Canada. They lavish him with lots of love, yummy food, and a cosy bed. So Winston has become a feisty and determined dog. And also very energetic and pawsitive.

He won Best Dressed in a dog contest held at the Fall Canadian Pet Expo last year. Also, he was a finalist for Toronto’s Top Dogs contest organised by Toronto Dog Walking two years ago.

He trains hard to learn new tricks such as high five, marching on his back paws, dancing, giving hugs, and even skateboarding!

Check out the cool stuff Winston does, on his Instagram account (@mightymorkie) which has more than 18.1K followers. He is also on Facebook (Mightymorkie). – Shobna Periayaih

What a dapper dog!

Bodhi, a seven-year-old Shiba Inu, has impeccable fashion sense.

He lives in New York City with his owners, fashion designer Yena Kim, 29, and David Fung, 31.

Bodhi became an Internet sensation after his owners started posting his pictures of him – in very smart-looking clothes – on their Facebook page. The response was overwhelming!

Since then, he has snagged contracts with some big brands, such as Victorinox Swiss Army, American Apparel and ASOS. Bodhi was even the face for a 2014 calendar.

Better known as Menswear Dog, Bodhi has his own social media accounts with huge numbers of followers: Instagram (328K followers), Facebook (233.7K followers) and Twitter (11.8K followers).

To check out more pics of Bodhi, go to Instagram@mensweardog. – SP