Colours can be used to make a statement, create an atmosphere or elicit a response. Each shade can play a role in different aspects of your life.

Need to know what colours to keep an eye out for 2018? Here are some that are predicted to be big hits this year.

Ultra Violet

Ah, the touted Colour Of The Year as determined by Pantone. It is predicted that ultra violet will be popping up everywhere, as well as setting trends in fashion, beauty, interior design and more.

A symbol of originality, visionary thinking and non-conformity, the purple-blue shade is reportedly chosen to inspire hope for the upcoming year – to push creative boundaries and to head straight into the unknown.

Warm Brown

Shades of brown are currently a hit. They make for great choices when you’re trying to evoke a sense of ease. More so when it comes to decorating your personal space at home.

The popularised Danish word “hygge” (denoting the comfort of a moment and the joy it brings) is even a hair trend. Soft copper, rich brown and buttery blonde are now must-try colours for your tresses.

Neutral Beige

It brings a feeling of freshness and a connection to the Earth. Soft, natural and free, neutral beige encompasses tints barely perceived but deeply felt. It is also effortlessly cool, so to speak.

You know the new trend in home decor where you turn your books backward with the pages facing out on the shelves? That’s one way of not spoiling the beige colour scheme of your room.



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Carolina Herrera Spring 2018.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink, otherwise known as blush or delicate pink, is simply not going away. It rose to popularity in 2015, but somehow endured and is expected to still have a presence this year.

The shade is best described as “just-pink-enough”. Some people even term millennial pink as something that “works with 99% of Instagram filters” – because, you know, millennials.

Sunshine Yellow

We all need a little pick-me-up every now and then. If you can’t get sunshine into your rooms, why not dress up your rooms with the colour instead? It’ll help bring joy into your life.

Sunshine yellow is popping up all over runways too. From Carolina Herrera to Oscar De La Renta, designers are seen favouring the optimistic shade for their Spring/Summer 2018 collections.