Festive seasons are a usually the time that fellow Malaysians clean out their homes for an oncoming stream of guests. For some, it marks the beginning of a new year, and perhaps a time to introduce some new furnishings into the home.

It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to spruce up your living space. A couple of eye-catching pieces is sometimes all you need to give your living space a fresh new breath of air.

So without further ado, here are 10 striking furniture and home decor items from IKEA to consider featuring in your home this Raya.

The striking STRANDMON one-seater (pic above)
This classic fabric armchair cum sofa was first introduced by IKEA in the 1950s. Embracing the classic colonial look, this STRANDMON one-seater in Skiftebo Yellow brightens up any room that you place this in. The best part about this shade is that it can look right at home in almost any colour scheme. Simply placing a pair of these in your living room will transform the ambiance of the area to a livelier one.

The classic-looking NOCKEBY sofa

The classic-looking NOCKEBY sofa from IKEA. – Star2.com

The classic-looking NOCKEBY sofa.

A traditional three-seater sofa look with a cleaner contemporary edge, this NOCKEBY two-seater with chaise lounge sofa in Tallmyra Rust makes a great centrepiece for your living room, especially when paired with furniture in shades of brown. If you’re one for earthy tones, this will definitely bring a dash of life into your living room, while keeping to your colour scheme. Pair this sofa with wooden tones, light beiges and whites.

The extendable BJURSTA table in Black

The extendable BJURSTA table in Black from IKEA. – Star2.com

The extendable BJURSTA table in Black.

If you’re into monochromatic colour palettes, this BJURSTA dining table in black is perfect to pull off that sleek look, while catering to your need to accommodate guests this Raya. This table can be extended twice, fitting a family of four when not extended, and a group of six to eight when extended. To make this the centrepiece of your space, pair the dining tables with the BÖRJE dining chair in the same shade, and match it with lighter shades of grey and white. Throw in a statement table ornament for a bolder look.

The cosy outdoor KUNGSHOLMEN/KUNGSÖ sofa

The cosy outdoor KUNGSHOLMEN / KUNGSÖ sofa from IKEA. – Star2.com

The cosy outdoor KUNGSHOLMEN/KUNGSÖ sofa.

Have some outdoor space to spare? Turn it into a comfortable lounging area with these KUNGSHOLMEN/KUNGSÖ combination outdoor sofas. The black and dark brown combination gives a dramatic contrast to the outdoor which adds a chic factor to the space. Throw in a coffee table and some mood lighting to the area to make it the perfect relaxing spot for your Raya guests.

The BILLY bookcase turned display cabinet

The BILLY bookcase turned display cabinet from IKEA. – Star2.com

The BILLY bookcase turned display cabinet.

Don’t horde away your decoration pieces away for another day. Show off your worldly finds and antiques in a dedicated display unit, or in this case a BILLY bookcase cum show cabinet. Stack three double bookcases in Brown Ash Veneer and pair them with the OXBERG glass door to turn the bookcase into a wall-length dramatic shelving display that shows off your personality.

This BESTÅ TV cabinet and wall shelves

This BESTÅ TV cabinet and wall shelves from IKEA. – Star2.com

This BESTÅ TV cabinet and wall shelves.

If you’re looking to revamp your TV cabinets in your living room, opt for these BESTÅ TV cabinet and wall shelves set with a light grey-green finish. Especially if you’re working with a little more wall space, this set of cabinets does not only give you plenty of room to store away your media possessions and players neatly, the matching wall cabinets gives the impression that the look was customised by an interior designer. This look works well on plain-white walls, and is perfect for those who want an eye-catching element that is not too loud in colour.

The vibrant ROSKILDE rug

The vibrant ROSKILDE rug from IKEA. – Star2.com

The vibrant ROSKILDE rug.

So, you’re unwilling to make any major change to your living room, but still wish to add a striking new element to it. There’s no better way to do that than through this vibrant ROSKILDE rug featuring multiple shades of blues and beiges. The balance of strong and muted hues here makes this rug a contrasting textile that would fit into most rooms, and can stand out as a centrepiece for some. Pair this with earthy or stone-coloured tones, or if you’re confident about colour blocking, you can match this with yellows, greens and turquoises.

The HEMMAFEST series of crockery

The HEMMAFEST series of crockery from IKEA. – Star2.com

The HEMMAFEST series of crockery.

We shouldn’t need an excuse to bring out our most special crockery. However if you need one, Raya is the time to create a picture perfect spread with festive serve ware to match the occasion. The HEMMAFEST collection has an array of plates, bowls, napkins, and home furnishing textiles that are themed for festive seasons like Hari Raya. The collection has a Moroccan vibe to it, with each piece complementing the other to create a contrasting yet homogeneous arrangement.

The STOCKHOLM checked cushion cover

The STOCKHOLM checked cushion cover from IKEA. – Star2.com

The STOCKHOLM checked cushion cover.

Looking for cushion covers that stand out on your couch? These checked STOCKHOLM cushion covers features different strong shades of stone and browns with a splash of yellow, and is a piece that’s sure to complement your living room setting, no matter what theme you have chosen for it.

The unique KVISTBRO coffee table

The unique KVISTBRO coffee table from IKEA. – Star2.com

The unique KVISTBRO coffee table.

This KVISTBRO coffee table has a unique basket-like design to it, adding a layer of texture to your living room. Instead of having the usual four like any other coffee table, this piece pays attention to the use of space under the furniture. Not only is it a one-of-a-kind piece to add to your room, the mesh design makes it perfect for smaller homes, giving the illusion of a wide and open space.

Will you IKEA today?
If you’re inspired by some of these pieces, more Raya inspiration awaits you at IKEA.

Head over to your nearest IKEA store to check out the latest functional designs in home furnishings, and the wide variety of offers for IKEA FAMILY members from June 4 to July 9, 2017.

For last-minute Raya shoppers, the stores are open up to 11pm on weekends, public holidays, eve of public holidays, and replacement public holidays.

IKEA also offers customers a 0% Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) where customers can choose to stagger the payment for their large purchases into monthly manageable instalments with a minimum purchase of RM500 in a single receipt.

For more information, head to IKEA Damansara or IKEA Cheras, or visit http://po.st/IKEA.my.

This article is brought to you by IKEA.