Lego Life is a digital space where children under 13 can share their block-based creativity.

Designed for tablets and available as an app for Android, Apple and Amazon devices, the platform has been in beta testing mode for several months but as of Jan 31 is officially live in the US, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland.

Although very basic for the moment at least – users can create a profile and then use their account to share images of the things they’re building with the wider community; the steps taken behind the scenes to ensure it’s safe for children are anything but simple.

Children can only join the network via their parents’ e-mail address and contact details. No real names or details are allowed on the site – all users are assigned randomly generated names and the same goes for photos. Instead of a profile picture, users get a customised Lego mini-figure as their avatar.

As for potentially offensive comments, all submissions are physically moderated by staff and though a picture can be given a title or explanation, those viewing it will only be able to comment via Lego’s own set of emoji. – AFP Relaxnews