Pineapple is trending among crafters; it is the most popular icon this summer. Since it’s perpetual summer for us in Malaysia, we have good reasons to invite this cheerful and auspicious fruit into our lives.

With Mid-Autumn festival just around the corner, we decided to start off our pineapple obsession with a cute lantern. Make an entire fruit-themed gang-o-lanterns, if you please.

DIY pineapple lantern

Skill level: Easy

Time required: 30 mins

1. Set up your paper lantern.

2. Cut 3cm-wide strips of yellow crepe paper that are long enough to wrap around the lantern. Snip one length with decorative scissors.

3. Glue the strips in place, layer by layer, starting from the bottom. Continue until the entire lantern is covered in yellow crepe.

4. Cut a large strip of green crepe paper that is about 9cm-wide. Fold it into a quarter of its original size and cut a leaf shape through all the layers. Repeat to make three more sets of leaves.

5. Glue the leaves onto the top opening of the lantern. Leave as it is or add a cute face cut-out from coloured paper.

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