Do you get dizzy riding a child’s merry-go-round? If so, don’t visit Beta Pictoris b. About 3,000 times bigger than our planet, it spins so fast on its axis that one day on its surface lasts only 8 Earth hours.

On April 30, astronomers announced in the journal Nature that, for the first time, they’ve measured the spin of a planet outside our solar system. The exoplanet in question is called Beta Pictoris b, a large gas planet located a relatively close 63 light years from Earth.

They determined that the planet spins faster than any in our solar system, with a rotational velocity at its equator of almost 100,000kph. 

Jupiter, a large gas planet that has the quickest spin in our solar system, whirls at about 47,000kph while Earth spins at about 1,700 kph. A day on Beta Pictoris b lasts only eight hours, compared to 10 hours for Jupiter, and 24 hours for Earth.

It's a spinner: An artistic impression of Beta Pictoris b, an exoplanet that spins so fast one day only lasts for 8 hours.