The next time you lie in bed fidgeting with your mobile device, think of this – the mattress you’re sleeping on could be an antenna absorbing electromagnetic field energy that is harmful to your health.

The first step in avoiding this threat to our wellness is by ensuring the mattress we sleep on does not have a metal-based composition such as spring, but rather, a natural material like latex.

Electromagnetic Field or EMF is not just limited to the radiation produced by WiFi and Bluetooth, the invisible threat is also emitted by a wide range of electronic devices in harmful frequencies.

Within a household, the EMF exposure comes from basic features such as power sockets to more sophisticated gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions and microwaves.

Now, how is EMF linked to your mattress? The bedroom is not exempted from the menacing presence of high-frequency EMF. Naturally, when we are awake, the body possesses an autoimmune system against such radiations.

However, while sleeping, the body becomes vulnerable to it instead, which enable the harmful frequencies to disrupt the essential regenerative process that we go through during bedtime. Such continuous interruption affects the quality of our sleep as well as our DNA regeneration capacity.

Although EMF is around us, the radiations are actively attracted to metal, making furniture made of metal a bad idea in the home. Mattresses with metal components such as spring mattresses for instance, attracts dangerous electro-magnetic radiations.

To better understand the severity of using a spring mattress, imagine sleeping on a radioactive platform, which disrupts your body’s regeneration process for a third of your lifetime. An alternative to a spring-based mattress is a mattress made of latex, which is not only natural, but also metal-free.

Getha, a high-quality fully natural latex mattress manufacturer, includes its specially devised Biocare Technology in its innovative Compass line to protect one from EMF.

Moreover, latex mattresses also offer many benefits as they replicate one’s sleeping environment as closely as possible to nature. After all, a good night’s sleep should be as natural as possible.

Specialising in 100% natural latex since 1969, Getha has an extensive line-up of metal-free mattresses and bedding products suitable for all ages from infants to the elderly. A homegrown Malaysian brand, Getha is also internationally acclaimed. The company takes pride in producing top-notch products to promote quality sleep.

Committed to offering the best to its customers, Getha constantly works towards improving one’s lifestyle through its luxurious bedding products. It has received accreditations from ECO Umweltinstitute, Germany; Oeko Tex, Switzerland; and the Malaysian Rubber Board.

Apart from satisfying its customers’ needs, Getha believes in tending to the needs of nature, too. To ensure the ecosystem is properly maintained, Getha complies with all regulations set forth by the authorities and also strives to promote a greener lifestyle among its consumers.

For details on Getha and the harmful effects of EMF, visit or drop by one of Getha’s 16 Sleep Therapy Centre nationwide for a consultation customised to your needs.

This article is brought to you by Getha.