Scientists say parents should not discourage their children from picking their noses and should allow them to eat their booger as it may help boost the immune system.

“Eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way of strengthening the body’s immune system,” The Telegraph quoted Austrian lung specialist Professor Friedrich Bischinger as saying.

Scientists at a number of universities, including MIT and Harvard, claim that dried nasal mucus contains good bacteria.

Ingesting dried nasal mucus is said to be able to prevent cavity causing bacteria from sticking to teeth, defend against respiratory infections, stomach ulcers and even HIV, the Telegraph reported.

“Nature pushes us to do different things because it is to our advantage to have certain behaviours, to consume different types of foods,” Dr Scott Napper, professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada told the Telegraph.

Further use of boogers

CBC News reported that some researchers are even developing a synthetic mucus toothpaste and chewing gum to improve dental hygiene. – Reuters/Next Animation Studio