We all have had blisters on our feet at some point in our lives.

You can get friction blisters when you’re out with a new pair of shoes you haven’t properly broken in yet.

Also, if you are an active and outdoors person, you are more likely to get blisters running or hiking.

We are not too concerned when we get one, sure they may be painful but they are hardly debilitating.

The question we have rather, is if should pop these blisters.

One German dermatologist says you should go for it. Pop those blisters. Always.

Secretions under the skin are a breeding ground for bacteria, says dermatologist Folke Habermann.

The expert recommends removing the skin over the blister to disinfect the wound, and then sticking a blister plaster on the skin.

There are special plasters you can get called hydrocolloid plasters that absorb any liquid that remains in the wound.

Ultimately you want a dressing that can cushion the area and prevent it from further friction.

“Ten to 12 days later, the wound will be completely healed,” Habermann says.

If you do not pop the blister, the skin on top could get soggy, which could increase the risk of inflammation.

Put on a bandage or a plaster to soak up the liquid and cushion the wound.

What to do after popping a blister?

Should you slather on some cream? Habermann says no special cream is necessary.

In order to prevent blisters from developing at all, you should always wear comfortable shoes that cause no friction. Shoes that are too big can also cause blisters. – dpa