The emergence of vaginal rejuvenation means that now a woman's privates can also be 'improved'.

With the standards of beauty and perfection constantly being raised, a growing number of women are now choosing to rejuvenate their vaginas to enhance both form and function.

Never before has a woman’s privates generated so much hype, at least, not in the open.

What has typically been the subject of hushed conversation between close girlfriends and one’s gynaecologist is now coming out in the open.

Not only are women openly discussing vaginas these days, but there is also a new fad that has hit today’s Malaysian women and generated quite a number of raised eyebrows – designer vaginas.

As women’s awareness of their bodies start to increase, more and more women are resorting to vaginal rejuvenation to restore the youthful form and function of their genitalia.

Just like a facelift or breast augmentation, women can now also have more attractive and functional genitalia through vaginal rejuvenation.

In the past, this type of operation was only performed for cases of serious diseases or injuries, but today, more women are requesting for more aesthetically-pleasing genitals to improve the quality of their lives and relationships.

While many may never openly admit to having undergone this procedure, or any aesthetic procedure for that matter – Malaysian women are still conservative that way – I have seen countless women of all ages and races walk through my doors in recent years.

Consultant aesthetic physician Dr Karen Po.