ACUPUNCTURE is one of the basic components of traditional Chinese medicine – an area of expertise that has been practised for thousands of years in East Asia.

The theory behind it is that there is a vital lifeforce or energy called qi, which flows into and through our body from and to the environment, and affects all its functions.

Any disruptions to the flow of qi within our body results in medical conditions or symptoms like pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that there are several acupuncture points on the surface of our body, which are all connected through channels within our body called meridians.

Qi flows into the body through these acupuncture points and through it via the meridians.

As each acupuncture point correlates to specific internal organs, the disruption of qi in organs that are unwell can be manipulated from the body’s surface.

In acupuncture, this is typically done through the insertion of needles at the appropriate acupuncture points.

The needles are used to manipulate the flow of qi within the body to help promote healing or treat symptoms like pain. – TAN SHIOW CHIN

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