Characteristically calm, these types of individuals are deep thinkers and enjoy contemplative activities. Discover 3 sports that can help meditative personalities maintain their healthy assets and develop additional skills for their well-being.

Naturally philosophical, meditative personalities prefer mental reflection to physical action. Contemplating the world to better understand how it works remains their preferred activity. This allows people with meditative personalities to better understand themselves.

Most often in tune with their emotions and feelings, meditative personalities have a hypersensitive disposition and use their senses to communicate with the outside world.

There are three types of sports activities best suited to these kinds of personalities that can either reinforce and fine-tune their introspective capacities, help them develop new tools to discover other inspiring activities or a combination of the two.


Yoga allows meditative personalities to take part in one of their favorite activities meditation. This activity also provides a physical dimension that is just as important. The fusion of the two is ideal to gently get back into physical activity. The practice of yoga combines flexibility, strength training and a conscious control of movements and your breathing.


Meditation remains a solitary activity. This is why participating in activities where interaction with others or with a group can be beneficial. Biodanza was invented in the 1960s and developed from research done on the effects of music to movement and emotions. This dance activity is done either with a partner or within a group. Participants are led to better connect with their needs and desires and discover new forms of expression. They learn how to be guided by others, release tension, boost their creativity and over time, develop an increased zest for life and for social interaction. Similarly, Latin dance can also have the same effects.

Gentle fitness

In Chinese martial arts, gentle movements represent a “soft” or “internal” technique and style (nei chia) as opposed to a “hard” or “external” (wei chia) technique. These notions allow the partakers of the sport to attain a perfect balance of their bodies and spirit. This is an ideal activity for confronting the difficulties of life and relations with others. Thanks to stretching exercises that reinforce flexibility and work your muscles and joints as well as self-massaging, those that practise gentle fitness routines will improve their body’s movements and help loosen a combination of muscular and skeletal systems that work together. – AFP Relaxnews