Buying a home is a big investment and a major financial decision. While it is exciting to find your dream home, you should also think about protecting your investment.

In fact, the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia revealed that 95% of fire incidents in 2018 was accidental and caused by human activities such as overuse of electrical appliances. The total value of properties lost due to fire last year was estimated at RM3.317bil.

One very important aspect of home ownership is quality homeowner insurance. This refers to a protection cover taken on your property in exchange for a premium. It generally covers circumstances you cannot control, and protects your home structure, personal property and more – giving you peace of mind that all is secure and covered during adverse circumstances.

When it comes to choosing an insurance provider, it pays to be practical and to find a reputable one that offers a policy which suits your needs.

For a home insurance plan that gives you the freedom to choose and customise your plan, Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) offers Smart Home Cover – a new, modular home insurance that features HouseOwner, HouseHolder, Mortgage Loan Instalment Protection, HomeFix and Landlord Insurance.

With these components, you are able to tailor a home insurance policy that fits you to a T.


Of the eight million households in Malaysia, only 25% or two million are insured, says Allianz General and Allianz Malaysia Berhad CEO Zakri Khir.

“Not many homebuyers are aware of the importance of having home insurance,” said Allianz General and Allianz Malaysia Berhad CEO Zakri Khir.

“There are eight million households in Malaysia but only 25% or two million are insured. Cost and rigid home insurance products have always been the biggest factors that hold a customer back. But with Smart Home Cover, not anymore.

“Home insurance provides a safety net, minimising damage control financially when it comes to house-related problems. The insured will be protected against unforeseen events as the insurance helps to replace household belongings.

“Allianz Smart Home Cover is a flexible home insurance that is customisable, value-for-money and I dare say, probably the only home insurance you will ever need.”

You can customise your Allianz Smart Home Cover plan accordingly:

♦ Covers the residential building against damage.
♦ Get immediate 30% discount on the premium for sum insured of more than RM200,000 if you add in the Mortgage Loan Instalment Protection.
♦ The discount is also applicable for existing Allianz Shield, Annual Travel Care or Allianz Booster Care policyholders.
♦ Discount on additional perils.

♦ Covers household contents.
♦ There are a total of five plans for the first loss basis.

Mortgage Loan Instalment Protection
♦ Covers the monthly loan instalment in the event that the house is deemed temporarily uninhabitable due to insured events or evacuation by local authority exceeding 72 hours or the insured suffers accidental death or total permanent disablement.
♦ Can be purchased without any HouseOwner component.

♦ This cover includes reimbursements in repairing burst pipes; repairs or temporary repair of doors, locks and windows arising from theft; domestic help allowance and any home repair or service solicited through Allianz partners such as ServisHero and
♦ If Allianz partners are not available, home repairs or services claims can also be made on reimbursement basis.

Landlord Insurance
♦ A relief for landlords, this protects you from unruly tenants who cause damage to the home or runs away. The legal fee for issuing a letter of demand will also be covered by Allianz General.
♦ Besides that, Allianz agents can also help you calculate the amount to insure your residential building for an agreed value basis.

With Smart Home Cover, you can rest assured your property, be it your home sweet home or rental property, will be well protected. Give your investment the protection it deserves so that it can serve you well for many more years to come.

To purchase Smart Home Cover, walk into any Allianz General branch nationwide or contact your Allianz General agent. For more details on Allianz Smart Home Cover, visit