Let’s ponder on the great number of things that we can easily enjoy, which do not necessarily involve spending money, energy or effort, but which can bring much peace of mind.

Enjoy the BEAUTY of things around you (for free!) – the greenery from grassy places and trees, the gardens and parks, the fresh flowers or even cut ones in shops.

Enjoy CHANGE and GROWTH – education never ends. And, of course, you will keep changing as you grow older and (hopefully) wiser, something you should maintain. Keep stimulating your intellectual and spiritual growth, and life will never be lonely or dull.

Enjoy the COURTESY or GOOD MANNERS practised by some people – it makes the atmosphere more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. There will always be polite people and rude people around you – just enjoy the good ones and do not let the others spoil the day for you. I have personally received random kindness from strangers.

Enjoy your FOOD – whatever it is that you may be limited to. It is such a pity to keep lamenting you can’t take this or that, instead of accepting the fact that you need to discipline yourself because you care about your health. Add variety and taste to the few dishes that you stick to, and you will look forward to those meals.

Enjoy FORGIVING people for their shortcomings in speech and action as you may be guilty of committing mistakes as well. When others find that you forgive easily, they are likely to do so to you as well. Forgiveness will lighten the heart and help to bring sound sleep, don’t you think?

Enjoy your FRIENDSHIP with the young and old of different personalities. You can keep learning from the young with their fresh new ideas, and you can keep learning from the mistakes that the old still make! Do not take advantage of good friends – helping out must come both ways.

Enjoy HONESTY and HUMILITY. There are times to recognise your own faults and weaknesses, and one must never hesitate to say sorry or to thank someone, whoever that may be.

Enjoy some PASSION in life – whether it’s for your grandchild, a hobby, a social service – or just your spouse! Then you wake up each morning looking forward to seeing that person or being involved in a “project” with him – like leading a meaningful life together! You need to be enthusiastic about something to add some excitement to your life, whether at home or outside.

Enjoy the PATIENCE that comes with empathy for others, and appreciation for whatever you have received from those quicker and more able than you. As you accept the fact that you are now slower and more forgetful, remember to be patient with those as old or older than you.

Enjoy the REUNIONS that some people take the trouble of organising for you. You may not be able to attend every one, but each time you make it to any, you will be pleased to see some old faces and share old memories, and have a good laugh and good time together.

Enjoy your SENSES – no matter how little of them are left, for there are those without some of these, so do not neglect your care of them. Check up on your eyesight, do something about your loss of hearing (a hearing aid?), your loss of teeth and reduction in mobility. Do not let vanity get in the way of a better quality of life.

Enjoy SMILING more often – don’t you simply cheer up when you see a smiling face? Smiles are catchy, so spread them! One motivational speaker suggests that you start with one in the mirror (your own face) and that should be the first of many for the day … at work and at play. What does it cost you? And yet its value is immeasurable.

Enjoy VOLUNTARY WORK – offer your services to the less privileged at centres set up for the disabled, orphanages, old folks homes and special needs children. There are other services mentioned in the daily papers and if you feel you can in some way contribute, drop by with old or new books and magazines, or help out in their open days or jumble sales. Every little contribution will be much appreciated. You can do it alone or in a group, in whatever manner is comfortable to you. You are never too old to help in some small way. Even when housebound, you can donate some things (e.g. gifts you never got down to using).

Enjoy inspiring QUOTATIONS and STORIES from e-mails or the Internet, and from others’ touching experiences that can enrich the day. You are reminded to value what you have – even if you may not have the best of everything, you can try to do your best with everything that you have.

Enjoy OLD AGE, for to live longer, one simply must grow old! So from today, never again have hang-ups about growing older, for you should be congratulated on every birthday you reach – you are starting another year of your own – and you can try to make it better than the last by being positive, while caring and sharing whatever and however your limitations allow.

There must be many more little reminders like these, of kindliness and thoughtfulness and gratefulness that can help to make your days more fulfilling, so please make your own list and keep counting your blessings. Not every day may turn out to be a good day but perhaps we can find that there is something good in every day.