World Sight Day took place this month (Oct 11) and it’s a time we should think about our vision and our eyes. Often, we take our eyes for granted and this should not be the way.

An estimated 1.2 billion people don’t have access to glasses, according to one report and it is said that over 75% of the world’s vision-impaired are avoidably so.

So, this might be a good time to treat your eyes to the best pair of spectacle lenses available. The wrong diagnosis can make our vision worse. And with all of us and our children constantly working on computers and looking at the phone, it is really necessary to take good care of our eyes.

Talking about today’s Gen X, they have different vision habits and this is mainly true due to their digital-focused life. They constantly shift their near-vision view between their smartphone, laptop, tablet, hard copy print material and yes, sometimes still the television screen. However, one problem that seems to be arising and holding them back from their fast-paced lifestyle is their weakening sight. More and more people need glasses and yet while they will not hesitate to spend a good sum of money on the best mobile phones or laptops, when it comes to their spectacle lenses, they think they can compromise. Let’s try not to forget that your eyes are for a lifetime. Take care of them and they will last and serve you well until old age and seriously, this is what anyone should want. Impaired vision is not something to joke about.

In today’s world, all that matters to us happens within arm’s reach

A lens to check out is Essilor’s latest innovation, the Varilux X series. It’s a new premium progressive lens designed to reinvent near vision and deliver extended near vision within arm’s reach. Talk to someone who is still trying to find the perfect pair of lenses that doesn’t give them headaches or makes them tired by the end of the day or give them compromised vision, and they will tell you that what the Varilux X series can do is impressive. According to Essilor, with these lenses, presbyopes can now swap between screens comfortably and seamlessly capture every detail within arm’s reach with high precision, extending their sharp vision by 100%, in width and length. Those who have tried the lenses are willing to vouch for this. Shares one user, “I couldn’t find the right spectacle lenses and had almost given up, resigning myself to the fact that I would have to compromise my lifestyle a bit after developing both shortsightedness and longsightedness due to the advent of age. However, having been persuaded to try the Varilux X series, I now enjoy sharp, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far. I don’t have to keep adjusting my arms or head anymore to see close objects sharply and then those further away.”

The secret is Xtend, a new revolutionary technology. This proves an impressive 75% match with wearers’ visual needs and there is a significant 59% improvement on average compared to other premium progressive lenses. The main limit of other progressive lenses is the need to adjust heads or arms to have clear and sharp multiple near-distance views.

The store that you go to for getting your lenses fitted makes a difference too. Head into Vision Space Optometrist and you may wonder why your usual optician never did all the many things needed to get you that perfect pair of glasses. They check for various things including your eye pressure and how best a lens should be fitted specially for you. They even look into your eye to tell you a bit about your eye health to do some checking and tell you how to better take care of your peepers. Here, and at some other major optical shops in Malaysia, Varilux X series customers can opt for further personalisation via Near Vision Behaviour (NVB), a new in-store personalisation tool to get patient’s measurements. NVB is a simple measure that takes into account a wearer’s behaviour and posture while replicating key and familiar activities, so their own vision area is positioned and shaped where and how they need it. This new first level of personalisation is said to provide reliable and robust measurements of the wearer’s near vision. “With its breakthrough technology, today’s presbyopes can have a clearer near vision and we want them to see all the things worth seeing through the best lens — the Varilux X series. We want to encourage presbyopes and make them realise that their age and vision does not need to hinder them from living their lifestyle. They can still see their best at any age,” says Soh Wei Zhi, Professional Services and Business Development Manager, Essilor.

Molsion eyewear give a good fit

Another new thing learnt was that choosing the right frame size is important. Molsion was the brand looked at and this eyewear brand has many fashionable and stylish options to choose from.The right size is important, as they will share with you. Choosing the right size is like choosing the right shirt size. What you want is for the frame to sit perfectly on the face, regardless of progressive lenses or single vision ones. Ideally, the frame PD should coincide with the customer’s PD. The PD is the pupilary distance (distance between the pupils of both eyes). A small face will usually have a smaller PD and a wider face a bigger one. If you’re wondering why, it’s because wearing frames that are too big may cause unwanted distortions. The frame size also affects lens thickness. For instance, if the frame is too big, then the lens thickness on the sides (temporally), will be thicker. On the other hand, if the frame size is too small, it will affect the stability of the vision, as well as the narrowing of the visual field.

Let’s not forget that all of us will want to look good when wearing our spectacles. Aesthetically, if the frame PD is much bigger than the person’s PD, it will make the person’s eyes look a bit squinted. Now, we would not want that, would we?

Choose the right lens and the right frames for your eyes. Seriously, we don’t think twice about spending thousands on a new television just because the colours are more vibrant or sharper. Let’s not forget that however wonderful the TV or computer screen is, if our eyes can’t see the images as clearly or as brightly or as beautifully as we should, then we are shortchanging ourselves. With the right lenses for your eyes, you will see everything clearly, right up to the little butterfly that just landed on your favourite flower in your garden.