Having proper sleep at night is important for a person to stay healthy and function well.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services’ website mentions that getting enough quality sleep at the right times helps protect mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety.

Sleep helps the body destress and repair itself, and also helps in improving memory.

According to The Better Sleep Guide website, getting proper sleep helps the body balance out weight-gain hormones or blood sugar levels.

Goodnite Mattress is helping Malaysians get a good night’s sleep through its comfortable beds and quality bedding material containing its proprietary StatFree layer, which neutralises static electricity.

Goodnite takes the challenge upon itself, promising a good life by providing blissful and restful nights for all its customers, though its quality mattresses.

Every aspect of its mattresses, from conception to assemblage of materials or incorporated technology, is seamlessly integrated for a single purpose – to create the perfect bedtime companion everyone can rely on.

Goodnite’s mattresses are developed with “love” and care to ensure it is static-free, which helps the body to recover faster from fatigue.

Its products include the Forever Love series, which is among its top-range products and designed for a luxurious sleep experience – it is a promise of the ultimate indulgence in comfort.

The Eternal Love series has the best quality in memory foam that supports the body’s contours for pressure-relieving comfort, while the True Love series comes with Goodnite’s signature spring system for uncompromising comfortable sleep.

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Over the years, Goodnite has become one of the go-to suppliers for major hotels looking for comfortable beds for their guests.

These have greater durability than the traditional spring system, and still deliver back support for undisturbed sleep.

While Goodnite is a familiar name, many people do not realise that the company, and its products, are homegrown.

The first Goodnite factory started production in Jalan Kapar, Klang, Selangor, back in 1989. It produced 400 mattresses daily and supplied local furniture shops.

In its early days, the company’s founders worked towards becoming a leading mattress brand in Malaysia.

People say everything starts with a dream, and today, Goodnite is one of the biggest mattress manufacturers in the country.

It has a solid presence in Malaysia with 1,500 authorised dealers nationwide and 300 employees on its payroll.

Today, Goodnite can produce up to 1,000 mattresses a day and  has a yearly capacity of up to 360,000 mattresses for both the local and international markets.

Managing director Teo Yek Ming emphasises uncompromising quality standards and commitment towards total customer satisfaction.

Goodnite is a major original equipment manufacturer for several notable brands in the world.

As keeping a firm grip of the market is part of its agenda, Goodnite regards research and development a crucial division in its enterprise and aims to introduce innovative products each year.

Sleep, mattress, anti-static, Goodnite, Star2.com

Goodnite’s factory today can produce up to 1,000 mattresses a day and a yearly capacity up to 360,000 mattresses for both local and international market.

Over the years, the company has been one of the go-to suppliers for major hotels looking for comfortable beds for their guests.

It has also won several awards such as the 2015 “Malaysia Good Design Mark” of Malaysia Design Council and the “Mark of Quality, Excellence & Distinction” by the National Mark of Malaysian Brand 2011.

Among its customers are Star Cruises, Resorts World Genting, A’Famosa Resort and Hyatt Hotels.

The company is currently developing a solid business model that can be replicated with business partners.

It remains focused in providing a good night’s sleep all over the world. It is this drive that keeps the company thriving today.

For more details or to shop for a Goodnite Mattress, log on to goodnite.com.my, visit its Facebook page or call 03-3250 2218.