Wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes can make walking across the room uncomfortable. Mayo Clinic orthopaedic surgeon Dr Glenn Shi says shoes that are too tight, too small or don’t give enough support can cause pain and other issues.

Poorly fitting footwear can cause foot pain, injuries, and even deformities. “Oftentimes, people wear shoes that are not fitted for them,” he says.

Dr Shi says opting for style over a good fit can really cause problems. For example, some flip-flops don’t give the sole of your feet enough support, prompting aching arches.

And high heels, especially those that are too narrow, put pressure on the small bones in your toes, possibly resulting in bunions, hammertoes or neuromas. Neuromas are painful thickening of tissues around nerves, often occurring between the third and fourth toes.

The good news is proper-fitting footwear helps. Dr Shi has three tips to healthy feet. “The best three ways to find good footwear is to, one, look at the sole.” You want support with flexibility.

“The second thing you should really look for is a shoe that has a large toe box.” The toe box should be large enough to hold your foot comfortably when standing.

“And finally, find something that gives you a reasonable cushion.” There should be comfortable padding between your foot and the floor. – Mayo Clinic News Network/Tribune News Service