What this dish lacks in looks, it makes up for with a name that’s as memorable as its taste.

When flipping through a cookbook or browsing Pinterest for potential cooking projects, it’s usually the recipes that are photographed to look the most appetising that get selected first.

This is not one of those recipes. Instead, the name of this Middle Eastern aubergine (eggplant/brinjal) dish is the intriguing factor: baba ganoush, supposedly derived from an Arabic phrase meaning “pampered papa”.

This recipe deviates from the traditional preparation by leaving out the second main ingredient, sesame paste, to avoid overpowering the taste of aubergine. Coriander lends a freshness to the creamy dip, which goes unbelievably well with toasted pita bread or grilled meat.

Baba Ganoush

1 large aubergine
2 garlic cloves
half a red chilli pepper
lime juice
1 small bunch of coriander
2-3 tsp sesame seeds
2-3 tsp brown sugar
olive oil
salt and pepper

Wash and dry all produce. Dice the aubergine. Peel and mince the garlic cloves. Remove the seeds from the chilli pepper and mince. Roughly chop the coriander.

Cook the diced aubergine, garlic and chilli pepper in olive oil until the aubergine is evenly browned. Add brown sugar and stir until evenly coated. Let the sugar caramelise.

Add lime juice and remove from heat.

Mash ingredients together until a paste forms. Mix in coriander and sesame seeds. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, lime juice and olive oil to taste. – dpa/Julia Uehren