Not all seeds or plant parts are suitable for smoothies, despite the many recipes circulating online that call for ground-up fruit pits or cherry stems.

According to the Consumer Centre in North Rhine Westphalia, some plant parts contain dangerous compounds.

Fruit pits: Many people claim that fruit pits are rich in vitamins and help protect against cancer.

Yet apricot kernels, cherry pits and even bitter almonds contain substances that, during digestion, mix to create cyanide. In high doses this causes severe poisoning, including cramps and vomiting.

Avocado pits: It seems a bit odd, but some recipes recommend grinding up the avocado’s pit and consuming it alongside the fruit.

However, despite many claims, there is little evidence that eating the avocado pit strengthens the immune system or prevents inflammation.

Avocado pits are also known for containing persin, a fungicidal toxin, and according to the German Institute for Risk Assessment, whether it is harmless to humans has not been adequately evaluated.

Cherry stems: Tannins found in cherry stems are said to help alleviate mucous and stubborn coughs.

People also claim they help with weight loss, but unfortunately only by acting as a diuretic.

For individuals interested in buying cherry stems, it is best to buy from a pharmacy. If you collect the stems yourself, there is a risk that moulds or fungi have grown on stems that have not completely dried out. – dpa