Two Canadian brothers created a stop motion breakfast video using Lego bricks as ingredients, in a video uploaded online on July 21.

The so-called “brickfilm” shows one of the brothers of the BrickBrosProductions online channel slicing brick bread, pouring brick milk and cooking brick eggs as he prepares his Lego breakfast.

The brothers manipulated the Lego bricks in between photographs of the scene, compiling them to give the impression of movement, BrickBrosProductions’ Matthew said.

On average it took 30 to 50 minutes to film each shot. One of the greatest challenges was to keep the camera still while the scene was repositioned, he added.

According to BrickBrosProductions’ YouTube Channel, they used “15 frames per second for the video, 1,500 frames were taken, and it took 3 whole days to shoot!”

Since being posted online the video has been viewed over a million times. – Reuters