Poke bowls have become the hottest delivery item of 2017 so far, with the popular Hawaiian dish seeing an impressive 365% increase in orders on one of the leading take-out delivery services in the US.

Halfway into the year, GrubHub has teased out a few trends in delivery orders across its network of 55,000 restaurant partners in 1,100 US cities and London, and found that poke bowls are enjoying soaring popularity among diners.

After reaching peak popularity last year, poke bowls have become increasingly common on restaurant menus around the world, with chefs taking creative spins on the traditional base of rice, raw fish cubes, seasoning and assorted vegetable toppings.

Likewise, pretzel bites have found a newfound popularity, with delivery orders spiking 238% over last year.

Other trendy delivery dishes include barbecue beans (increase in orders of 106%), chicken fried steak (up 103%) and avocado toast (93%).

GrubHub also noted an increase of 32% on orders for “bowl” food – a photogenic trend that spread like wildfire on Pinterest and Instagram over the last year.

bowl food - takeout

#bowlfood on Instagram. There was an increase of 32% on takeout orders for this type of food.

The trendiest bowls include the steak, guacamole bowl; bibimbap bowl; and the chilli coconut curry bowl.

Vegan dishes are become more popular as well, with a 19% rise in orders. The most popular vegan orders include vegan quesadillas, tofu wings and the teriyaki quinoa bowl.

Meanwhile, takeout habits also seem to follow seasonal trends, with penne rosa seeing a 385% spike in orders in January and February of 2017, versus the rest of the year. (The basic dish consists of penne pasta, spicy tomato cream sauce and parmesan. Additional ingredients may include mushrooms, tomato, spinach and roast chicken.)

Roasted Brussels sprouts - takeout

Roasted Brussels sprouts. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Other comfort foods to see a notable spike this winter, compared to the rest of the year, include pho (up 127%) and fried chicken sandwiches (124%), while the trendiest foods for May and June were roasted Brussels sprouts (301%), pretzel bites (98%) and poke bowls (96%). – AFP Relaxnews