Google has published its list of most frequently searched keywords and questions of 2016, and one of the categories is the kind of foods and recipes that were popular among its users this year.

Google searches inevitably reflect the different food cultures of specific global regions. French web users, for example, kept it simple with traditional crêpes proving the most searched-for recipe of the year.

Across the Atlantic in the US, web users looked for traditional American dishes, with “green bean casserole” of green beans, fried onions and mushrooms leading the way. “Hashbrown casserole” with potatoes and melted cheese also proved popular.

Cocktails are still very fashionable in the US and are popular Google searches. In this category, American users favoured sangria, martini and strawberry daiquiri.

Top 10 recipe searches of 2016 in the US:

1. Green bean casserole
2. Brussels sprouts
3. Hashbrown casserole
4. Guacamole
5. Chicken marsala
6. Chicken tetrazzini
7. Snow cream
8. Buttercream frosting
9. Pork chops
10. Turkey gravy

Top 10 cocktail recipe searches of 2016 in the US:

1. Sangria
2. Martini
3. Strawberry daiquiri
4. Sex on the beach
5. Mojito
6. Old fashioned
7. Hot toddy
8. Rusty nail drink
9. Mimosa
10. White Russian – AFP Relaxnews